Anti-theft screen at FairPrice outlet to deter shoplifters who steal & sell baby formula: MP Murali Pillai

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People have allegedly been stealing baby formula in Singapore, resulting in at least two FairPrice stores putting up barriers to combat shoplifting.

Anti-theft screens can be found at the outlets at Bukit Batok MRT station and Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

On this measure, Bukit Batok Single-Member Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Murali Pillai went live on Facebook to clarify why the baby formulas were locked up in the supermarket store after being concerned that the whole situation was being “misread”.

In the video, Murali was at the Bukit Batok MRT station outlet with one of the supermarket’s employees.

He clarified that the new anti-theft measures were meant to guard against shoplifters who resell these products.

Anti-theft screen targets those who steal & resell

Murali mentioned an article by The Straits Times (ST), which he said gave a “misleading impression” in regard to the decision made by FairPrice to lock the baby formulas.

Some readers were under the impression that the anti-theft measures targetted people in the estate who are not able to afford baby formula powder for their children after reading the article title.

Murali said that he has confirmed with the police that this is “not the case”.

“The typical shoplifter that FairPrice is concerned about are people who steal with the view to make a profit. That means selling and then making a profit,” he said.

“Certainly not the situation that many readers are concerned about,” Murali clarified.

Help available to low-income families

Many have come forward and told the MP that they were willing to help buy milk powder for those families who require it, Murali said. He reassured that there is a “very established system” and programmes to help low-income families, such as the CDC vouchers.

For Bukit Batok specifically, Murali said that there is a programme to provide low-income families with both infant and adult milk powder at a discounted price.

“I hope that the misleading impressions can stop because what happened was that you know people who are doing good work would be thwarted,” Murali concluded.

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Top photos from Murali Pillai’s Facebook and Chelsea Ang