2 TOTO Reunion Jackpot Winners Take Home S$3.1M Each, 1 Ticket Bought From Kg Bahru

2 TOTO Reunion Jackpot Winners Take Home S$3.1M Each, 1 Ticket Bought Via iTOTO Quick Pick

Two days before the Chinese New Year (CNY), many Singaporeans were hoping for a huat year ahead by winning the TOTO jackpot.

At least S$5 million was up for grabs in the TOTO Reunion Draw, leading to excitement and queues at Singapore Pools outlets across town.

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After the dust settled, two lucky winners took home S$3.1 million each.

One of them bought their ticket at a Singapore Pools outlet in Kampong Bahru.

Group 1 prize was S$6.3M

The latest draw took place at 9.30pm on Friday (20 Jan), for an eventual Group 1 prize of S$6,266,376.

The winning numbers ended up being 15, 29, 35, 47, 48 and 49, with an additional number of 10.

Source: Singapore Pools

As two tickets managed to crack the winning formula, the prize will be split among them.

Thus, each winning ticket gets S$3,133,188.

Source: Singapore Pools

In contrast, 11 winners will share the Group 2 prize, which amounts to S$119,931 each.

Special Reunion Draw had at least S$5M jackpot

The frenzy for this round was heightened as it was this year’s special Reunion Draw.

That means instead of an estimated S$1 million, the Group 1 prize was at least S$5 million.

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Thus, many may have been dreaming of emulating a lucky punter who won S5.5 million all by themselves in the 6 Jan draw.

S$5.5M TOTO Top Prize Won By Single Punter, Ticket Bought At Canberra Plaza FairPrice

1 of the TOTO Reunion jackpot winners got ticket from Kg Bahru

Alas, this time the top prize will be shared by two winning tickets.

One of them was brought from a Singapore Pools outlet in Block 150 Silat Avenue, which is located off Kampong Bahru Road.

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This ticket was produced by 1 QuickPick System 7 Entry.

Since 2014, this branch has produced 14 winning tickets, including 4 Group 1 prizes.

Its most recent Group 1 prize was in Oct 2018 and was S$4.5 million — also the most ever won.

Source: Singapore Pools

The other winning ticket in the 2023 Reunion Draw was bought via iTOTO system 12 from the Singapore Pools website and other branches — which means the S$3.1 million will be split 28 ways.

Gamble responsibly within your means

Congratulations to the winner of the latest TOTO jackpot, and may the cash improve their life significantly.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones this time around, we wish you all the best for the next one on Monday (23 Jan), which has an estimated S$1 million jackpot.

That said, while trying your luck every now and then can be fun, do gamble responsibly and within your means only.

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