10 tasty DON DON DONKI snacks that will transport you from Malaysia to Japan

I think we can agree that Japanese snacks are in a league of their own. They’re packaged in bright colours and the flavours are anything but ordinary. Thankfully with the existence of DON DON DONKI, we don’t have to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun for said experience. 

The aisles at everyone’s favourite Japanese grocery store are crammed with Japanese snacks of all kinds, from caramel corn to wasabi crisps— it’s Malaysia’s closest thing to an authentic Japanese experience

If you’ve ever visited DON DON DONKI, then you’d know the first time is always an overwhelming feeling— like where does one even start? Worry not, we’ve made your life a lot easier by gathering 10 best DON DON DONKI snacks in Malaysia for you to try. Time to snack away!  

1. Morinaga Bake Creamy Cheese 

If I had to pick one snack from DON DON DONKI Malaysia that is my particular favourite, it would have to be the Morinaga Bake Creamy Cheese (RM9.50). In the box are little cube-shaped cheese nibbles. At first, I didn’t expect much of it, as I didn’t think boxed and packaged cheese could taste amazing. Boy, was I wrong.  

The outside of the cheese cubes had a crispy layer with a hint of sweetness, and the creamy interior had a strong hint of cheese. The snack reminded me of baked cheesecake and I found myself popping them into my mouth like pills. I would recommend this to cheese and cheesecake lovers alike.

2. Orihiro Japan Konjac Jelly Premium Matcha Green Tea 

In our sweltering Malaysian weather, we can’t ever get enough snacks that keep us cool. Orihiro Japan Konjac Jelly (RM7.90) comes in a variety of flavours such as Kiwi, Grapefruit, Muscat and Matcha. Being a fan of matcha, I immediately jumped for this flavour. 

These sweet konjac jellies come in small nifty packets that are very convenient to eat— just tear off the top and squeeze the jelly into your mouth. I personally like eating them chilled. Plus point, these are made from konjac, a source of dietary fibre. So you don’t have to worry about calories when you’re reaching for a snack. 

3. Imuraya Mochi Mochi – Double Chocolate 

In the mood for chocolate? I recommend Imuraya Mochi Mochi Double Chocolate (RM6.80). So what is mochi ice cream? This is a small, round shaped confection made of sticky rice dumpling with an ice cream filling. The outside of the Mochi Mochi Double Chocolate has a soft and bouncy mochi dough and the inside is a silky chocolate ice cream. It doesn’t stop there— right in the centre of the ice cream is a generous dollop of chocolate sauce. 


Mochi Mochi’s ice cream tray can easily split into 2. This means you can share the sweet moment with your friends, family or partner. They also have 2 other flavours: Matcha with Red Bean and Vanilla with Mango. 

4. Ito Seika Languly Vanilla Cream Sandwich Biscuits


Need a biscuit to snack on? Ito Seika Languly Vanilla Cream Sandwich Biscuits (RM9.90) is perfect to go with your afternoon cup of tea. Each biscuit is filled with a velvety, fragrant vanilla cream sandwiched between 2 golden brown biscuits.


Sugary, soothing and a delight to lap up at only 59 calories each, these biscuits come in a break-apart tray, allowing you to save them for more than one sitting. It’s milkier and slightly sweeter, but tastes heavenly when paired with coffee or tea.

5. Umaibo Corn Snack


With a name that literally means delicious stick in Japanese, Umaibo Corn Snack (RM17.50) is a crunchy corn snack that you can get from DON DON DONKI Malaysia. Made with puffed corn, it’s available in eye-catching flavours from Teriyaki Burger to Beef Tongue Salt. For variety, you can also enjoy Umaibo in milk or sprinkled over rice.


It tastes like corn potage, a famous Japanese soup. The packaging is decorated with the cute Umaemon character. Since these are all individually wrapped, you won’t overeat your serving portion like you can with bagged chips, and it’s easy to keep in a lunch bag, drawer or locker for a quick and satisfying snack.

6. Cororo Cola Soft Candy


Many Malaysians will have nostalgic memories of guzzling down Fizzy Cola Candy during their childhood days, am I right? This Cororo Cola Soft Candy (RM7.90) will serve as the perfect flashback— it’s a candy with a twist, thanks to the blend of spice and lemon. 

The texture of this candy is super soft, like an overripe fruit. The best part is the unbelievable flavourful shot of cola soda that will surprise your taste buds. You won’t be able to stop at one and they’re also perfect for sharing with friends and family. 

7. Tohato Caramel Corn


Tohato Caramel Corn (RM8.90) is a popular classic Japanese corn puff snack, a firm favourite for its caramel-coated corn bites. When you crack open the packaging, the first thing you smell is a sort of earthy, deep scent. That’s quickly followed by a hit of caramel sweetness, and then the corn. 


It’s similar to popcorn, but thanks to its sugar coating, has a delightfully crunchy outer. Regular Caramel Corn is by far the most popular flavour, but you can also load up on Choco Crunch, White Milk, and Peanut. My second personal favourite is White Milk. It looks just like the original Tohato Caramel Corn but with white milk flavouring that looks like snow. 

8. Glico Pejoy


These deliciously crunchy biscuit sticks taste as good as they look and are a fun and much rarer alternative to the popular Glico Pocky. Pejoy is made by the same company as Pocky is, and is known as ‘Reverse Pocky’ because instead of having the coating on the outside, the biscuit is tube-shaped with the mouthwatering cream filling on the inside.

Glico Pejoy (RM3.90) comes in a plethora of tempting flavours, but the 3 options available at DON DON DONKI Malaysia are Matcha, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate. The Chocolate flavour has milk chocolate on the inside, the Matcha has an aromatic, smooth green tea cream on the inside, and my favourite is Cookies & Cream, which is mostly sweet vanilla with a hint of cookies. Yum!

9. Tohato Habanero Potato Chips


Got the stomach for heat? Then feast on Tohato Habanero Potato Chips (RM7.50). These potato chips are laced with a blend of habanero paste and spices. Equal parts tangy and fiery, they’re a great snacking companion for a movie night (for me, any night). 

Tohato Habanero Potato Chips are made with potato and real habanero pepper, one of the world’s hottest chilli peppers. This ultra spicy snack is perfect for those who love living on the edge. The black package is decorated with a giant red habanero chilli pepper with a mischievous smile. Challenge your friends to try out this crazy snack, but remember, you’ve been warned!

10. DONKI ICHIEI Dorayaki


Made famous by the beloved anime series Doraemon, Dorayaki is a Japanese confection made up of 2 miniature pancake-like patties stuffed with filling. Traditionally, red bean paste is the filling of choice, but DONKI ICHIEI Dorayaki (RM18.90) come in 4 different flavours: Strawberry, Matcha, White Peach and Cream Cheese


If you enjoy your snacks fruity, sweet, and fluffy, give this dorayaki snack a try! This Japanese pancake snack is filled with a smooth paste and you’ll be transported to the magical world of Doraemon with just one bite. My personal favourite is the Matcha flavour. The soft and fluffy pancake encasing the smooth matcha paste which has the perfect balance of creamy and sweet.

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