S’pore Company Holds CNY Dinner For 26,000 In Taiwan, Event Had Fireworks & ‘Live’ Performances

Riway International Holds Massive Company Dinner In Taiwan, Singers Like Wakin Chau Perform

Chinese New Year (CNY) is usually the time when local companies hold dinners for their staff.

The annual shindig is usually a raucous affair, with colleagues able to let their hair down with one another for once.

However, this can scarcely be compared to a Singapore company’s massive gala in Taiwan that was attended by 26,000 people.

The event was so lavish that there were fireworks and “live” performances by well-known singers like Wakin Chau (周华健).

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Massive company dinner was on 10 Jan in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The extravaganza took place on Tuesday (10 Jan) in Taiwan’s southern city of Kaohsiung, reported the Commercial Times.

It was organised by Singapore-based wellness product company Riway International, which is headquartered in Singapore.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Besides CNY, the occasion was their 15th anniversary. They even composed a nifty logo and slogan, “No Hold Back” to mark the milestone.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Largest outdoor dinner ever in Taiwan

While it’s impressive that a company that has just 15 years of history can stage such a huge event, they apparently have at least 26,000 staff across Asia.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

They came from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan to attend the company dinner.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Due to the sheer scale of the event, it had to be held outdoors. The company chose Kaohsiung as Taiwan Riway founding directory Hu Xiaohua said only the weather there is suitable for a grand outdoor dinner.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

They thus leased an empty piece of land in the city for their first anniversary dinner held overseas in 14 years.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Mr Brian Aiello, president of the American Chamber of Commerce Kaohsiung, described it as the largest outdoor dinner ever in Taiwan.

Taiwan company dinner cost S$4.36 million to produce

Planning for the company dinner started in September 2022, Ms Hu said.

Venue preparation, the setting up of 2,600 tables and food alone cost S$1.3 million (NT$30 million).

Add that to other costs like rental, staging and performance fees and the event cost about S$4.36 million (NT$100 million) in total to produce.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

According to Ms Hu, high-speed rail tickets to Kaohsiung were booked one to two months beforehand to bring the 26,000 attendees to the venue.

A fleet of 350 tour buses were also deployed.

The event-goers checked into five-star accommodation in the city on Sunday or Monday, checking out only the morning after the dinner.

Glitzy night included performances & fireworks

From photos of the dinner shared by Riway International on Facebook, netizens would be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of New Year’s Eve countdown party.

It’s evident that many attendees came superbly dressed from head to toe, prepared for a glitzy night.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Perhaps it’s because the event was also a bit like an awards ceremony, as several people received awards from the company for their contributions.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Of course, no celebration is complete without stars, and Riway invited not one, but three well-known Taiwanese acts to perform “live”: veteran singer Wakin Chau (周华健), rock group Power Station (动力火车) and visually impaired singer-songwriter Ricky Hsiao (萧煌奇).

(From left) Wakin Chau, one-half of Power Station and Ricky Hsiao. Source: Riway International on Facebook, Facebook and Facebook

Another highlight of the affair, of course, was the fireworks, which lit up the night sky for a resounding finale.

Source: Riway International on Facebook

Riway sells health supplements, HSA fined them in 2021

For those who might wonder what exactly Riway International does to have such deep pockets, they apparently sell health supplements.

One of their products is called Purtier Placenta.

Since 2016, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has been warning Riway on the “false and misleading health claims” they and their sellers have been making about the product, HSA said in a 2021 media release.

HSA also debunked the claims that Purtier Placenta cures or treats illnesses like cancer and diabetes.

The agency has directed Riway to ensure that their downstream sellers stop making the claims.

However, in 2019, HSA found that Riway had published marketing materials that contained “objectionable claims”.

The company was thus convicted in court in 2021, and fined S$3,000 under the Medicines Act.

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Featured image adapted from Riway International on Facebook.

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