S’poreans Largely Satisfied With Government & Happy With The Way Things Are: YouGov Survey

YouGov Survey Indicates Majority Of Singaporeans Happy With The Way Things Are

Singaporeans may be known for complaining a lot, but a recent YouGov survey has shown that six in 10 people are actually happy with the way things are here.

In general, Baby Boomers seemed to express more positive responses. On the other hand, Millennials were the smallest proportion of citizens happy about our nation.

The majority of Singaporeans polled also said that they are satisfied with the government’s performance.

Survey shows 57% of Singaporeans happy with the way things are

In a survey of 1,045 Singapore citizens conducted between 14 and 18 Dec, YouGov found that in general, most of them are happy with the way things are at the moment.

The results show that 57% of people indicated that they are content with things while 25% said they are not.

The remaining 18% were unsure about their feelings.

Source: YouGov

Amongst these respondents, 67% of Baby Boomers, which refers to those born between 1946 and 1964, said they were happy.

That number falls to 54% and 50% for Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980) and Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) respectively.

Six in 10 Singaporeans satisfied with government’s performance

When polled about how Singaporeans felt about the government’s performance, a similar trend was observed.

57%, or about six in 10 people, said they were either “very satisfied” or “mostly satisfied”.

On the flip side, 37% expressed dissatisfaction.

Source: YouGov

Breaking the results down by age groups, Baby Boomers once again expressed the most positive sentiment with over two-thirds, or 64%, saying they were satisfied.

Millennials clocked in the lowest satisfaction rate at 54% while 55% of the Gen X group said they were satisfied.

YouGov also surveyed Singaporeans on how the government performed across a range of attributes.

Amongst them, the highest-rated category was law and order, with 77% believing it was excellent or good.

One-third of the respondents felt the government performed excellently while another half said they performed well.

Source: YouGov

Similarly, respondents indicated that the government’s management of public health was favourable, with more than half the respondents saying it did well.

In some aspects, respondents were split about 50-50. This included the following:

Economic management — 54% good or excellent
Environment and climate change — 49% good or excellent

Only 42% said the government did an excellent or good job in providing equal opportunity, with 55% rating its performance as fair or poor.

For immigration and jobs, most respondents felt the government’s performance was fair or poor. Only 41% voted that the government handled these aspects well.

Receiving the lowest approval ratings were housing affordability and cost of living.

About two in five people – 39% for cost of living and 37% for housing affordability – believed these things were handled poorly.

Singaporeans hope more focus will be on cost of living

According to YouGov, the aspects that were rated poorly were those that Singaporeans hope the government will place greater focus on.

Nine in 10 said that more needs to be done about the cost of living.

Three in five respondents also said the same about housing affordability.

Across generations, a greater proportion of Gen Xers felt more can be done about the cost of living. Among Millennials, housing affordability was the prime concern.

Source: YouGov

When it came to jobs, Gen Xers were the demographic most concerned, followed closely by Baby Boomers.

As for public health, Baby Boomers showed the most concern.

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