Some DHL S’pore Vehicles Have Puncture-Proof Tyres, They’re Not Filled With Air

DHL Singapore Trials Prototype Puncture-Proof Tyres On Delivery Vehicles

Delivery company DHL has partnered with tyre manufacturing firm Michelin to roll out vehicles fitted with puncture-proof tyres here in Singapore.

Unlike conventional tyres, these tyres have a “revolutionary” supportive structure in place of compressed air.

Source: DHL Singapore on Facebook

Besides boosting productivity, the initiative will also help to make DHL’s operations greener and more sustainable.

DHL to fit 50 vehicles with puncture-proof tyres by end of 2023

In a press release on Tuesday (10 Jan), DHL shared that they plan on fitting nearly 50 of their vehicles with puncture-proof tyres from Michelin by the end of 2023.

Source: DHL Singapore on Facebook

Named the ‘Michelin UPTIS’, these prototype airless tyres do not contain compressed air and are intended to be used by cars and light vans.

In place of the pressurised air found in conventional tyres is a ‘structure’ that supports the vehicle.

Source: DHL Singapore on Facebook

Manufactured in South Carolina, the tyres can reportedly withstand a maximum load of 650kg each. They also last as long as conventional ones.

Allows DHL to reduce downtime & wastage

According to the statement, the new fixtures will allow drivers to drive around without having to worry about road hazards damaging the tyres. It also reduces the number of tyres scrapped due to puncture incidents.

In DHL’s case, the new tyres are expected to lower downtime as it eliminates pressure issues and punctures. They also project to reduce wastage due to less frequent tyre replacement.

Besides trialling the puncture-proof tyres, DHL has also taken other steps to make their operations greener, including converting 80 vehicles in their fleet into electric vans.

According to The Straits Times (ST), the trial in Singapore will run till 2025. Similar tests are also happening in Thailand and in the US.

While these new tyres are still on trial at this time, let’s hope they’d be available to the mass market so more motorists can reap the benefits of not having to worry about punctured tyres.

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Featured image adapted from DHL Singapore on Facebook

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