SBS Transit staff take wedding photos at Little India MRT station where they first met

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“Love at first sight” appears to be a fairy tale concept.

In modern day Singapore, it is apparently still a reality.

SBS Transit shared in a Jan. 10 Facebook post of a couple’s wedding photoshoot at Little India MRT station.

It turns out, the lovebirds are colleagues.

The groom is assistant station manager Amin, and his bride is customer service officer Kathleen.

According to the post, while working at Little India for the day, Amin caught a glimpse of Kathleen and was charmed by her beautiful smile.

However, Amin was too shy to start a conversation and the day went by without anything happening.

Fortunately for him, fate would intervene.

Amin bumped into Kathleen when she was on duty on board a train and a colleague introduced them.

The post said: “From being friends on Facebook, their friendship blossomed into romance and just a year later in 2020, Amin proposed to her! 💍”

Return to where it all began

To celebrate their special day, the newlyweds decided to take some wedding photos at Little India to reminisce the time they first met.

In one of the photos, the couple were snapped seated on a bench, with the Little India MRT station name positioned above their heads.

Another photo sees them beaming from ear-to-ear, near the station gantries.

Top photo via SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook