BMW Allegedly Collides With Woman Walking 2 Pet Dogs In Loyang, Family Seeks Eyewitnesses

BMW Collides With Woman & 1 Of Her 2 Pet Dogs In Hit-And-Run Accident On 11 Jan

On Wednesday (11 Jan), a BMW was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident with a woman and her two pet dogs in Loyang.

Unfortunately, one of her dogs took the brunt of the collision and sustained serious injuries, requiring major surgery.

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In the hope of catching the culprit, her family is appealing for eyewitnesses and dashcam footage of the accident.

BMW collides with a woman & one of her pet dogs in Loyang

On Thursday (12 Jan), the woman’s sister shared about the hit-and-run accident on Facebook.

Speaking to MS News, the OP, Rachel Dominique Ng, said her sister was walking their two dogs, a Chow Chow and a Labrador, around 11.30pm.

The incident happened at the junction of New Loyang Link.

Image courtesy of Rachel

The light had turned green, and her sister started to make her way across the traffic junction towards the Shell petrol station. At the same time, a black BMW sedan was turning right into Loyang Avenue.

While she was walking in between the second and third lanes, the BMW ran the red light, crashing straight into her and their Chow Chow.

The impact caused her to fall to the side. However, their Chow Chow suffered the brunt of the collision and was dragged under the car for some distance.

Amidst the chaos, their Labrador ran loose and managed to make his way home, said Rachel.

She added that despite her sister’s screams, the BMW did not stop and continued driving towards the Changi Village area.

Pet dog suffered serious injuries & requires surgery

Thankfully, a bystander stopped her car at the side of the road and protected her sister and their Chow Chow from the oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, her dashcam did not have an SD card, and she did not capture footage of the incident.

Rachel told MS News that her sister’s screams were so loud, they could be heard from their house in Loyang Rise, about 300m away.

Subsequently, her sister was conveyed to the A&E at Changi General Hospital, while her other siblings brought their Chow Chow to the emergency vet clinic.

She sustained cuts and bruises on her arms and legs, as well as severe head and neck aches.

Image courtesy of Rachel

Besides that, their Chow Chow suffered a dislocated hip, multiple bone fractures in his right front leg and severe abrasions, which will require major surgery.

Image courtesy of Rachel

Family seeks eyewitnesses

Following the accident, Rachel and her mother lodged a police report. They also contacted Shell for footage of the incident.

As the roads were busy at the time of the collision, her family is appealing for any eyewitnesses or dashcam footage.

Those who have more information regarding the accident may contact Rachel via the following channels:

Phone: 9649 1608
Instagram: @racheldominique

MS News wishes her sister and their Chow Chow a smooth and speedy recovery.

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Featured image courtesy of Rachel. 

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