Savour hearty Wagyu innards hotpot & other motsu dishes at Kurohanabi Suntec City

Wagyu this, Wagyu that. Hailing from Japan, it’s currently one of the most trendy breeds of beef being used everywhere… but I bet you haven’t heard of Wagyu motsu (innards). Kurohanabi (Hokkaido’s motsu nabe specialty restaurant) features this bold and gamey ingredient in 3 of its new dishes: Hokkaido Motsu Nabe, Motsu Okonomiyaki, and Wagyu Motsu Yakisoba!

Credit – Kurohanabi

In order to savour the best flavour in Wagyu motsu, go for the Hokkaido Motsu Nabe (S$32). This well-received hotpot dish contains a soup base featuring Kurohanabi’s signature sesame miso. Ingredients like beef intestines, tofu, chives, cabbage, and enoki mushrooms are then added to enhance the broth’s natural sweetness.

Credit – Kurohanabi

As the soup boils and simmers, the fats from the beef intestines are integrated into the broth to make it extra luxurious and flavourful.

Credit – Kurohanabi

Although I’m absolutely freaked out over Japanese fermented soybeans, natto, I know a lot of people who will enjoy this superfood. They’ll be delighted to find out that the hotpot is also available in a Natto Motsu Nabe (S$42) version, fortified with its earthy tastes— you can count me out for this!

Traditional okonomiyaki is a popular pancake dish which uses eggs, seafood, meat, and vegetables. The Motsu Okonomiyaki (S$19.80) adds the meaty innards together with the pancake, giving it a rich beefy addition coming from the beef’s intestines.

Credit – Kurohanabi

The experience is further enhanced with a drizzle of Kurohanabi’s special okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Credit – Kurohanabi

The Wagyu Motsu Yakisoba (S$21.80) is a dish not to be missed. It’s a dish of thick noodles sauteed in a umami-rich sauce with meat or seafood of your choice. It is then taken up a notch with added beef chunks and innards for exceptional taste and texture.

If you’re a non-innards person, not to worry. Kurohanabi also offers other dishes on their menu. For those game enough to try it, do share your feedback!

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