M’sian Daughter Confused After ‘Mystery Meat’ Dad Bought Turns White Upon Cooking, Learns It’s Pork

Malaysian Daughter Finds Out ‘Mystery Meat’ Dad Bought Was Actually Pork

Some children may have blind faith in their parents regarding certain things, including getting the right groceries.

So one can imagine the confusion a daughter in Malaysia felt when preparing dinner one night and the red meat she was stir-frying started turning white.

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Sensing something amiss, she asked her mother how it came to be. After checking with her Chinese friends, the mum confirmed the meat was pork.

The meat was apparently bought by the child’s father, who is divorced from the mum. He allegedly claimed that he purchased from a Malay seller who prepared the meat right before his eyes.

However, the mum remains sceptical and warns others to take extra precautions.

Mystery meat thought to be beef turns white after cooking

In a now-viral Facebook post, the mum shared the incident in detail. She explained the story from the beginning, prefacing that her children would often ask their father to purchase dishes for them to have at home.

However, they often enjoy cooking together, and on that day, the children wanted to cook while she was away. How old the children are is unclear.

That evening, the OP’s daughter called and texted her to ask about some meat she was cooking in a wok.

Source: Facebook

She asked why the meat turned white while cooking, as beef would not usually turn that colour.

The OP requested photos, which, upon receipt, she showed to her Chinese friends for clarification.

Source: Facebook

Sure enough, all of them told her that the meat was most probably pork.

They also advised the family against consuming the meat.

Dad says he bought meat from Malay seller who denies allegations

When the children asked their father where he had bought the meat, he claimed that it was from a Malay seller who hung their products on display.

He also allegedly called them stupid for accusing him of buying pork. He tried to explain that the meat was ‘pale’ because it had a different colour and smell.

However, their mother clarified in a separate post that the only Malay seller at the market who sells their meat products in that manner does not sell pork.

This was after talks with the seller’s son who apparently approached her after accusations grew rife following her viral Facebook post.

Although they were unable to ascertain who was to blame, the OP used this incident as a reminder for everyone to be wary of what they consume.

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Featured image adapted from Cekta Hermosa on Facebook.

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