Changi airport Cisco officer helps traveller, uses spoon to transfer conditioner into smaller bottle

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A Certis Cisco officer was lauded for her kind act towards a traveller at Changi airport recently.

Forgot to check in toiletries

Yasmine Khater, who was traveling out of Singapore, took to the social media platform LinkedIn to commend Wee Li Fang, the Certis Cisco officer.

Khater, who forgot to check in her toiletries, was stopped by Changi Terminal 4’s security for exceeding the airplane’s carry-on limit for fluids.

The security staff told her that they will have to throw her toiletries away.

“I was like no, they are nearly empty,” Khater recalled saying, before it dawned upon her that the containers of her toiletries were larger than 100ml.

Cannot do without hair products

Realising that she may have to soon part with her toiletries, Khater tried to negotiate with the security staff and asked if she could at least keep her shampoo and conditioner.

She said she could let go of her sunscreen and soap as they were easy to replace.

However, she simply could not do without her hair products as she need to tame her curly mane.

“The wrong shampoo and conditioner will dry my hair out … I will also look like an untamed beast,” Khater quipped.

But alas, the rules are the rules and Khater was just about to bid goodbye to her toiletries until Wee stepped in and requested to see her boarding pass.

Realising that Khater still had some time to spare before takeoff, the quick-thinking Wee suggested that the other woman head to the nearby pharmacy to get some travel-sized bottles.

Used spoon to scoop conditioner

Relieved, Khater rushed to the pharmacy and purchased the bottles, only to be met with yet another hurdle – having to transfer the viscous hair products into tiny bottles with even tinier mouths.

She was in the midst of pouring the shampoo into the appropriately sized bottle when Wee grabbed a disposable plastic spoon to help her, scooping the thick yellow gel-like conditioner bit by bit into the other bottle.

Together, both women shared a laugh over the situation and thanked their lucky stars that the airport was not so busy, if not Khater would have to go through the whole rebottling ordeal on her own.

Khater, who was able to take a quick photo of Wee mid-laughter while helping her, thanked the other woman for the wonderful experience.

Image by Yasmine Khater/LinkedIn.

Another family shared their positive encounter with Wee

Khater’s post went viral on LinkedIn, catching the attention of Changi Airport Group.

Image screenshot from LinkedIn.

The post has also led another traveller, Daniel Samwel Amon Otieno, to chime in with his own encounter with Wee.

He said his family bumped into the security officer on Dec. 2, 2022, and had similarly run into the same issue, where his partner was found with fluids over the 100ml carry-on limit.

While Wee had given Daniel’s family the same advice as she gave Khater, she was unable to render the same level of assistance to his family as it was a busy morning.

Despite this, Daniel remarked that Wee stood out for her “customer centricity” and requested for Changi Airport Group to extend his gratitude and appreciation to Wee.

Image screenshot from LinkedIn.

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Top image from Yasmine Khater/LinkedIn and Changi Airport/Facebook