Bendemeer Chee Cheong Fun Stall Owner Passed Away After Fall At Home, Worked At Stall Until Passing

Bendemeer Chee Cheong Fun Stall Owner Was Working Until Day Of Death, Says Nephew

A Bendemeer chee cheong fun stall run by an elderly couple closed permanently after the male owner passed away following a fall at home.

Bendemeer Old-School Chee Cheong Fun Hawker Passes Away, Wife Closes Stall & Retires

The man’s nephew, who runs a soya beancurd stall in the same hawker centre, said he fell down at home last Tuesday (3 Jan) and passed away after.

He told Shin Min Daily News that he last saw his uncle on 2 Jan, the day before he passed on, and didn’t think at the time that it’d be their last meeting.

Was working until day of his death

Mr Tan, who was 83, had been working at the stall right until his passing. He reportedly showed no apparent signs of illness.

On 2 Jan, Mr Teo, who was Mr Tan’s nephew, told Shin Min Daily News that the elderly man had shown up at the stall at 5am and worked until 8pm, only leaving after he’d made orders for ingredients.

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At that time, Mr Tan went to say hello to his nephew and exchange pleasantries. Unfortunately, that would be their last encounter.

Following his passing on 3 Jan in hospital, Mr Tan’s funeral was held on Saturday (7 Jan)

While he wasn’t as fit as before, he insisted on working even well into his eighties.

Supplier only found out about passing during delivery

Because Mr Tan’s passing was so sudden, the supplier only found out about his death when they arrived at the stall to find it closed.

Given the tragic circumstances, the supplier decided to return the order.

When Shin Min Daily News visited the stall on Saturday, they found that the stall appeared ready to open. But sadly, it won’t open anymore as Mr Tan’s wife decided to retire.

Other stall owners expressed their condolences after Mr Tan’s passing. One of them, who runs Bendemeer Prawn Noodle, said Mr Tan was already running his chee cheong fun stall when he moved to the hawker centre more than 20 years ago.

Because both stalls were busy, the two stall owners rarely spoke to each other. But he said Mr Tan was hardworking and rarely took breaks.

Mr Bai (transliterated from Chinese), 32, said Mr Tan was friendly and easygoing, and he’d gotten to know him when they had a meal together.

Customers will miss the stall’s chee cheong fun and yam cake, which went for just S$1.

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That price is certainly a rarity in this day and age.

We hope that the elderly widow of Mr Tan will be able to rest now, and we offer her and her family our condolences.

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