S’pore man helps his company take corporate photos, charges S$1,800, gets S$30 token, quits in 24 hours

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What’s worse than getting paid with exposure?

Getting paid S$30 and a thank you note out of the S$1,800 billed.

This was what happened to one person in Singapore recently after he helped his company out of goodwill only to be shortchanged.

Company asked own staff for favour

The employee, a photographer who does photography as a side hustle, settled upon a discounted amount of S$1,800 for 18 sessions of work and photo editing.

He proceeded to bill his company the amount, but got nothing close to what he was asking for.

The man talked about his experience on the anonymous sharing platform SGWhispers on Jan. 4.

What happened

Long story short, the man was asked to help out his company with taking some corporate photos as his superiors knew he was doing photography as a side hustle.

The employee was rushed into picking up the task and told to do the work first and negotiate the price later on, and he agreed.

However, no one broached the subject of remuneration with the photographer for months after the job was done.

According to the photographer, he used his own professional camera and equipment for the shoots, found out the style of photos suitable for the company by doing his own research and applying his own creative touch, and edited the images using software — which took him nearly three weeks to complete more than 600 photos, one by one.

After waiting for months without hearing anything about getting paid, he took the initiative to submit an invoice he did up.

The total amount came up to S$1,800 — priced at S$100 per session for 18 sessions of work.

In return, he was offered S$30 and a thank you note.

Quit with 24-hour notice served

The man, who said he worked for the company for three years, revealed that he tendered his resignation by serving a 24-hour notice and deleted the photos from the company’s servers.

He said that throughout the years, he had always put in overtime work and never took sick leave, and finished all the tasks given to him.

He said he had also put up with the company’s unfair practices all this while — but not this time which was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After he quit, he said he was coaxed to stay on as he was the best employee, but he let on that he has no regrets leaving the toxic company.

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