Pornsak parts ways with Addy Lee & Michelle Chia, leaves e-commerce company Mdada

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Singapore-based host and live streamer Pornsak has left e-commerce company Mdada, which he co-founded with celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and actress Michelle Chia in 2020.

In a Jan. 1 Instagram post, the 40-year-old wrote about his departure from Mdada.

“I want to be the ideal live-streamer – one with a personal touch, one whom everybody can entrust his/her purchases, and one who is there to entertain as well,” he continued.

Mdada ‘in good hands’

Speaking to Mothership, Pornsak shared that he made the decision to leave in November, and is focused on doing a “proper handover”.

His roles of director and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company were relinquished to Chia and Lee respectively.

Calling them the “most suitable candidates”, Pornsak explained that he believes Mdada “is in good hands” as the duo have been with the company since day one, and love the company as much as he does.

The decision to leave Mdada was one he deliberated over, but was set on because he feels it is best for himself and the company.

Live streams with a personal touch

Pornsak is not looking at monetising his daily live streams — most of which are hosted on Facebook — for now.

“I want to connect with my audience at a more personal basis. So I’ve started an initiative — I make sure that I go live every single day for at least an hour, if not even longer,” he said.

“That might have been lacking for the past two-and-a-half years, because, well, Mdada is corporatised.”

Everything was “run with a healthy P&L (profit and loss) statement” so that the company could continue growing, Pornsak continued.

But now that he has “shifted [his] direction”, he wants to take a break and recalibrate.

For now, he will be focusing his live streams on four aspects which are close to his heart: healthcare, childhood education, food, and travel.

Dr Pornsak

For those who haven’t heard, Pornsak has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the Singapore College of TCM.

He became a fully-licensed TCM practitioner in April 2021.

Every Thursday, he and his mentor answer questions from a TCM perspective on his livestream — something they have done for the past 85 weeks.

On most days, he also sees patients at the Everspring Medical Group clinic.

That’s not the only qualification Pornsak has, as he has a Master of Education from Murdoch University.

This is after he noticed a strong following of parents on his social media platforms, and hopes that his knowledge on early childhood education — his thesis topic — will be able to help them navigate their kids’ formative years.

He’s even letting those on his Telegram group decide on what he does, as he lets subscribers vote on daily polls to decide on his travel plans.

Pornsak on remote control, if you like.

Hopes that live streaming will become his livelihood

Acknowledging that these might not seem like instant cash cows, Pornsak mused:

“I think for the initial phase, I wouldn’t want to charge anyone at all.

Monetising [the live streams] is not on the top of my mind at the initial phase, but I do hope that eventually this will be my livelihood.

So you know, when livelihood is concerned, I think that putting food on the table… We need some moolah.”

For now, his source of income will be from his other hustles — including his work with Michelle Chong’s talent agency, Left Profile.

Photo from Pornsak’s Instagram

He also has a bevy of friends who have sent encouraging words, or even offered to appear on his live streams for free.

Pornsak said with a laugh: “[Chew] Chor Meng da ge (big brother) was like, ah di (little brother), if you need me to go on your live[stream] any time, you know, just say it. FOC (free of charge). I was like really, da ge? Thank you, thank you.”

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Top photos from Pornsak’s Instagram