Man In China Finds Used Dishcloth In Takeaway Hotpot, Thought It Was Beef Tripe At First

Man In China Finds Used Dishcloth While Having Hotpot With Colleagues

After a long and tiring workday, there’s nothing like having a warm and tasty meal to end the day.

However, one office worker in China was in for a nasty surprise when he discovered a used dishcloth in his takeaway hotpot.

After contacting the restaurant, they admitted that a junior staff member accidentally placed the cloth in the dish.

Following the incident, they fired the employee and offered the man triple the compensation.

Used dishcloth looked like beef tripe in hotpot

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP) via Feidian Video, the man, surnamed Ning, ordered two hotpots for himself and five other colleagues who were working overtime.

Initially, he hesitated before eating as the colours of the soups were different. One was lighter, and the other was darker.

Source: SCMP on Instagram

Nonetheless, he did not give it much thought and continued to enjoy the hotpot.

Halfway through the meal, Ning fished out something that looked like beef tripe, a common hotpot ingredient.

Source: SCMP on Instagram

Upon closer inspection, the piece of meat was oddly large, and he suggested cutting it into smaller pieces.

To their horror, they realised that the beef tripe was actually a used dishcloth. Then, two of Ning’s female colleagues immediately started throwing up.

Source: SCMP on Instagram

Restaurant fires employee & offers triple the compensation

After calling the restaurant for an explanation, they admitted that the dishcloth had accidentally fallen into the pot.

They offered Ning compensation triple the original bill, which he declined. Instead, he said, “My only demand is that the government intervene and investigate.”

In an interview with SCMP, a manager at the restaurant claimed that the incident was a careless mistake by a junior employee.

The 19-year-old employee had just started working and allegedly had a fever while preparing the dish.

They have since fired the employee and closed the restaurant to rectify their mistake.

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