Taiwanese Shipping Company Evergreen Rewards Employees With Up To 52 Months’ Year-End Bonuses

Taiwanese Firm Evergreen Marine Corp Gives Employees 10 To 52 Months’ Pay For Year-End Bonuses

On Tuesday (3 Jan), a South Korean company made headlines for rewarding its employees with hefty year-end bonuses.

South Korean Oil & Gas Company Announces 120 Months In Bonuses For Employees

Now, it seems that yet another firm in Asia has joined the trend.

Evergreen Marine Corp, a shipping giant in Taiwan, has decided to give employees year-end bonuses worth 10 to 52 months of pay each.

Taiwanese firm Evergreen gives employees bonuses

Taipei Times reports that Evergreen Marine Corp, the largest container shipping firm in Taiwan, has decided to give employees up to 52 months’ pay for year-end bonuses.

Most employees received year-end bonuses worth 10 to 45 months of pay. Those with better job performances, however, received 52 months of wages for the bonus.

This was much higher than the bonuses the company offered last year, which consisted of 40 months’ pay.

While Evergreen declined to confirm the report, they shared that each employee was compensated based on their performance.

For the first three quarters of 2022, the firm reported a net profit of S$13.294 billion (NT$304.35 billion), 92% higher than in 2021.

Employees in other subsidiaries unhappy with payout

Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with the hefty payout for those under Evergreen Marine Corp.

According to Focus Taiwan, employees at other divisions under Evergreen Group, Evergreen Marine Corp’s parent company, reportedly received smaller bonuses.

Source: Focus Taiwan

Airport ground staff working for Evergreen Airline Services (EGAS) under EVA Air received one month’s salary as a bonus, while other EVA Air employees received up to three months.

This caused the ground staff to go on strike on 1 Jan and 2 Jan. As a result, there were flight delays affecting 4,000 travellers at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, The Straits Times (ST) reports.

The region’s Transportation Minister Wang Kwo-tsai addressed the situation, urging Evergreen Group to give “special consideration” to affected employees.

He admitted that EGAS had lost money in 2022 due to Covid-19 border restrictions.

However, the overall profit Evergreen Group had made should enable them to reward EGAS employees, he added.

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