‘Rainbow Bridge’ Spotted Over Clouds In S’pore, Deemed An Auspicious Start To New Year

Rainbow Bridge Over Clouds In Singapore Marks Auspicious Start To 2023

We have been treated to some pretty memorable sky views over the years, like this double rainbow in Aug 2022.

Today (3 Jan) marks the day that many of us return to work or school for the first time in 2023.

Coincidentally, a vibrant ‘rainbow bridge’ was spotted over fluffy clouds in Singapore this morning.

Source: Facebook

The extraordinary sight left the internet in awe, with some deeming it a sign of an auspicious start to the new year.

Unique rainbow formation looks like Bifrost bridge from ‘Thor’

Facebook user Khoo Kiat Chin captured this colourful phenomenon and shared it on the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore group this morning (3 Jan).

He captioned the post with a Chinese idiom, which states that a colourful sky signifies prosperity.

In the photos, a diffused rainbow with a clear separation of colours appears to be bursting out from behind a row of fluffy clouds.

Source: Facebook

Instead of the usual arch that most rainbows have, this formation is straight and looks almost like a bridge.

Source: Facebook

Marvel fans familiar with the ‘Thor’ franchise might see a striking resemblance to the Bifrost, a mythical bridge connecting Earth to Asgard, Thor’s homeland.

Netizens call rainbow bridge an auspicious start for workers & students

Netizens were unanimous in their admiration of the rare and beautiful sight.

One user deemed the rainbow a “beautiful and auspicious” start for bosses, workers, parents, and students.

Source: Facebook

Another took it as a sign that 2023 will be “huat huat“.

Source: Facebook

Many others also complimented the OP’s photography and thanked him for sharing the image.

Source: Facebook

Some were curious about where the photos were taken, but the location remains unknown at this time.

Source: Facebook

Here’s to more incredible skies in 2023

As we make our way around the city, it pays to look up every now and then, for we never know what grand sights could await us.

Here’s to more pleasant surprises in our sunny Singapore skies in 2023.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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