Former Taiwanese Gang Leader Shot Dead By Unknown Gunman, Police Investigations Ongoing

Former Taiwanese Gang Leader Shot Dead On 2 Jan

On Monday (2 Jan), a former Taiwanese gang leader was shot dead by an unknown gunman while throwing out the trash.

The 55-year-old was shot multiple times and succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The suspect reportedly abandoned and set fire to his escape vehicle. Police investigations are currently ongoing.

Former gang leader shot by unknown gunman

According to ET Today, the incident happened at around 5pm at Taichang 10th Street in the Taoyuan District.

Source: ET Today

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows the former gang leader, Guo Xin-yi (name transliterated from Chinese), taking out the trash.

While he is doing so, a man dressed in black approaches him.

Source: ET Today

The latter then takes out a gun he was concealing and opens fire at Guo several times.

Even after Guo falls to the ground, the gunman continues to shoot until he stops moving.

Source: ET Today

Subsequently, the gunman escapes the scene by driving off in a car.

Police investigations ongoing

The gunshots attracted the attention of residents in the area, who immediately called the police after seeing Guo lying in a pool of blood.

He reportedly suffered gunshot wounds to his collarbones, shoulders, palm, and left abdomen.

After authorities arrived, they conveyed him to Taoyuan Hospital. However, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

According to police investigations, they discovered that the suspect had abandoned the car and set it on fire to remove any trace of evidence.

Source: ET Today

Furthermore, they also deduced that the crime was premeditated.

Kept a low profile after release from prison in 2015

An active gang member in the 1990s, Guo was infamous for his involvement in the gambling industry, as well as several criminal cases.

In 1989, a policeman died and another was injured after being shot on the streets. Guo, who was responsible for supplying the guns, was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail.

He continued to be active after his release from prison until he was arrested again in 2015. This time, he kept a low profile after getting out and was no longer involved with the gang’s affairs.

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Featured image adapted from ET Today

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