Red Swastika School security guard back at work directing traffic after 3 days medical leave

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The security guard who was injured after using his body to block an unruly Bentley driver from entering Red Swastika School on Jan. 11 is back at work directing traffic.

A photo put up on Facebook on Jan 14 showed the 62-year-old man, Neo Ah Whatt, directing traffic outside the school.

Following his interaction with the Bentley, Neo was slightly injured and had pain in his knee.

He was given medical leave for three days.

His return to work was cheered by online commenters, many of whom left comments praising him for being an exemplary everyman who was only doing what was right in stopping a self-entitled car driver from cutting queue and gaming the system.

In a previous media report, Neo was described as being well-liked by students and parents and was a familiar figure on the school compound.

Following the incident involving the Bentley, the 61-year-old driver was arrested.

Chinese media reported that the man is a grandfather of a student at the school.

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