NOC Sylvia Apologises For Her Behaviour, Will Leave Talent Roster

NOC Sylvia Removes Herself From Talent Lineup & Apologises In Statement

Allegations about Sylvia Chan, founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), have dominated the internet space in recent times.

NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Allegedly Caught Using Abusive Language Towards Staff In Leaked Audio

The allegations included the alleged verbal abuse of a talent in a leaked clip.

NOC’s first reaction to the allegations in an official capacity was to issue a 4-page statement.

The Instagram page that first released the allegations was also served with a lawyer’s letter by NOC.

Now, Sylvia herself has released her own statement on her Instagram page, with an apology for her actions.


She also said that she’ll remove herself from the NOC talent roster.

We summarise the statement after the jump.

NOC Sylvia apologises for past actions

In the statement released on 13 Oct, Sylvia apologised for the lateness of her response that began 14 days ago via allegations posted on Instagram page sgcickenrice.

Although she wanted to tell her side of the story, she realised it did not matter.

What mattered most, she said, is the fact that she did not live up to the standards that were expected of her.

“Regardless of the situation or context, I acknowledge that I have disappointed people around me. I did not step up to the standards that I should have upheld, and I have instances where my emotions overrule my better judgement.”

However, she said it was never her intention to upset anyone and going forward she said she’ll learn to be more conscious with her choice of words.

Apologises for not modelling NOC’s culture code

Sylvia also mentioned that she is grateful to be leading NOC.

With many people supporting and placing their trust in her, she is sorry to them if she hasn’t stepped up to the standards expected of a leader.

Her “biggest shame” is in failing to model a newly-minted culture code at NOC.

That is, “to give feedback openly and kindly and to receive in good faith”, and “to make decisions for the collective good”.

She acknowledges that she failed to provide the safe space for her colleagues to give her feedback.

“I always thought that a leader should be tough and I now realise, that I may have come on too strong, and people have now perceived me to be unkind and rude.”

She apologised to her teams and promised to do better, and thanked everyone for supporting the company “despite the shortcomings of your leader”.

Addresses Samantha Tan controversy

Sylvia also talked about her side of what happened regarding the incident involving Samantha Tan.

She said that it “has never ever been my intention to harm, abuse or discriminate against her or anyone”, even though it seemed like she was bullying a subordinate.

Sylvia explained that she’d been upset because Samantha had a 3-year bond with a government agency, which wouldn’t allow her to sign as a full-timer with NOC if she won kNOCkout, a reality show that secured her passage in the company.

In her anger, she made her sentiments clear so that other contestants could have the opportunity to win, and vented to colleagues behind the scenes.

She said that Samantha is kind and talented, and revealed that she’d graciously reached out to Sylvia to make peace.

Sylvia also stressed that what she shared with her colleagues do not represent what she really feels about Samantha, but towards the situation.

Steps down from NOC talent roster

Sylvia announced that she’ll be removed from NOC’s lineup of artistes, and agreed, along with leadership, that she doesn’t deserve the job opportunities that NOC offers.

As such, she’ll take time to reflect.

As times are already challenging, she hopes that people will stop attacking or harassing those associated with NOC.

She also hopes that people will give allowance for NOC to fulfil jobs which have already been completed.

In closing, she said she is truly sorry to all who have placed their faith in her and felt disappointed in her by the allegations.

She promised to become kinder, more patient, and more thoughtful.

Apology was needed

As a leader, one has to be aware of and utilise management styles that work for each employee.

However, Sylvia’s style of management may have been too abrasive.

Many are rightfully angered by the allegations and it is good to see that Sylvia has apologised for her actions.

Nobody deserves to be treated the way they’d been treated, and this goes beyond management styles, but as human beings.

We hope that Sylvia will learn from this experience and be a better person to not only her employees, but also those around her.

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