Havelock Road Bar & Beach Road Pub Flout Safety Measures, SFA Revokes Their Food Licences

SFA Revokes Food Licences Of Carlsberg Sports Bar & Club Royal

The pandemic has been especially tough on the nightlife establishments here in Singapore.

With many not able to operate, authorities have allowed some of these establishments to pivot to the F&B places.

However, a bar at Havelock Road and a pub at Beach Road have been caught flouting Covid-19 Safe Management Measures (SMM) and Vaccination Differentiated SMMs (VDS).


Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has now permanently revoked the food licences of these 2 establishments.

SFA revokes food licences for allowing hostessing

Authorities have continually carried out enforcement efforts against breaches of SMMs and VDS.

Since 1 Sep, 2 pivoted nightlife establishments were found breaching rules.

Carlsberg Sports Bar located at 390A Havelock Road at Waterfront Plaza was first issued a conditional permit to reopen on 3 Sep.


However, authorities found that they allowed hostessing, failing to minimise physical interaction between staff and customers.


The sports bar’s CCTV was also not operational at all times.

SFA and the Ministry of Trade and Industry have now permanently revoked their food licence and conditional permit.

Another pivoted nightlife establishment, Club Royal at 7500A Beach Road had not been allowed to reopen.


Despite that, they were found operating with customers dining in.


As such, SFA has permanently revoked its food licence.

15 F&B outlets ordered to close

According to the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE), enforcement efforts at over 670 premises have also led to 15 F&B outlets being ordered to close.

Ohms Garden at 672 Chander Road was found breaching VDS by allowing individuals who are not fully vaccinated for 2 full weeks to enter or remain at its premise to consume food or drinks.

They have been ordered by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to close for 30 days from 9 Sep to 8 Oct.

Another breach of VDS is under investigation at an F&B outlet at Sentosa.

In that case, an unvaccinated individual tried to enter the outlet by showing his friend’s cleared vaccination status on TraceTogether.

Both individuals were asked to leave immediately.

18 outlets fined for breaches

14 F&B outlets were also ordered to close for SMM breaches.


These breaches include allowing customers to play card games, failing to ensure customers adhered to permitted group size, and failing to ensure a safe distance of at least 1m between groups of customers.


Another 18 outlets and 36 individuals were issued fines for SMM breaches.

Some were found gathering in groups larger than the permitted size, playing music or videos in the premises, and allowing singing in the premises.

They were also penalised for failing to ensure workers wore masks, failing to ensure contact tracing was done for employees, and failing to ensure a safe distance of at least 1m between customers.


Be socially responsible

In their statement, MSE reminded F&B operators and patrons of the importance of strict compliance to SMMs for everyone’s safety.

They warned that strict enforcement action will be taken against those who do not comply with the measures.

Singaporeans are also urged to exercise social responsibility to protect their health and that of others.

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Featured image adapted from Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment.

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