2 Cars Speed At Serangoon Viaduct & Crash Into Stationary Vehicles One After The Other

2 Cars Get Into Accident At Serangoon Viaduct On 18 Sep

Singapore’s roads are usually filled with traffic and adhering to road rules are important in ensuring everyone’s safety.

It takes just one or two errant drivers for things to go wrong, however.

An incident at Serangoon Viaduct highlighted the danger of speeding when 2 cars seen weaving through traffic at high speeds ended up crashing into stationary vehicles.

Audi and Hyundai weave through traffic at Serangoon Viaduct

The footage shared by SG Road Vigilante depicted a scene at Serangoon Viaduct at around 5.19pm on Saturday (18 Sep).

The cam footage initially showed a black Audi speeding past the car and another car ahead.


This was shortly followed by a Hyundai, which seemed to be hot on the Audi’s heels.


Seconds later, the Audi appeared to crash into a stationary vehicle ahead of it.

Similarly, the Hyundai sped ahead, but the driver was unable to dodge the pile-up as it was driving too quickly.

Interestingly enough, the Hyundai crashed into the back of the Audi, which itself had gotten itself caught behind a stationary vehicle.

This came as a shock to the people standing on the side of the viaduct.


Do not drive recklessly

The 2 cars had very narrowly missed the passengers standing on the side of the road.

Things could have been far worse if they’d been standing on the road itself. In that regard, they’re quite lucky.

While the circumstances behind the incident remain unclear, this should be a lesson to all drivers.

Drive safely and spare a thought for potential obstacles — if you’re driving too fast, you may not have enough time to avoid stationary objects, vehicles, or people.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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