What is Westmoney app ?

A place to connect, share, and learn.

Westmoney provides an online platform for likeminded foreigners who are interested in the Chinese market to gain the 7*24 flash news, educational content and your network of communities. Westmoney is all you need to know the real Chinese market!

西方财富 westmoney 提供覆盖中国市场7*24实时资讯、投资者教育、线上社区服务为一体的平台,帮助用户快速挖掘投资线索,降低投资决策难度。

Why choose westmoney?

Comprehensive Chinese Market News
provide you with fast and comprehensive 24/7 China domestic information, research papers, and facilitate interactive discussion on the app.


Educational Interactive Content
Join westmoney to get the Chinese domestic industries analysis, hot topics discussed in China, share your view thourgh posting and comments. Join westmoney to learn the emerging market and make informative decisions.


Let’s dive right in

There is 4 buttons at the bottom navigation menu

1.) News Feed

2.) Explore

3.) Watchlist

4.) Account settings

News Feed

The news feed is a modern way of displaying related news.
You can see from the top bar. They have selected 10 Topics of interest and you can dive deep into the related niche articles easily.

The cool part is you can enable audio and a professional voice will read out to you.



Explore is neat in that sense that you can find articles related to your watchlist or companies that you are keen in automatically.

It also have people/writers that you can follow for good research and stocks tips.

I love the themes section. you can find out relevant company easily. you can gain valuable knowledge from this.

For example, if you are keen in Tesla news, it will show you at a glance which companies will benefit from Tesla Shanghai factory.


You can add stocks to your watchlist and related news will be available.

Account Settings

This is your account settings.
Interesting things to note is the Panda Coins.
You can earn it by logging in and doing simple things.

How to use Panda Coins
Right now, there is limited usage of it.
The developers of this app is working hard to bring in new features
will update once we hear from them

Download the free app here and gain more knowledge to help in your trading endeavor