Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA) and Megamanpower withholding the payment ??

This incident took place at Bukit Timah Community Club vaccination centre.

The vaccination centre is run by Parkway Shenton, whose chief executive Edmund Kwok said it had hired Megamanpower to supply workers until early June.

There are two companies providing the workers at the centre
Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA) and Megamanpower.

Eight of the healthcare workers at the centre told ST that they have yet to receive their salary for the month of May and some for the first week of June.

They are allegedly owed payments of between about $1,300 and over $4,500 since June 15.

Megamanpower told ST that it then “approached SAA for supply of medics and nurses”.

Parkway Shenton Outsource to Megamanpower who in turn outsource to Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA)


Who is Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA)

It is a provider of ambulance and medical staff for your corporate needs. Medics standby, Event first aid, and more.
From their company website and social media profile, it seems to be a slightly larger company compare to Megamanpower.

Owner may be FUNDAZE INVESTMENTS PTE LTD. Personally, not too keen to buy their profile to find out more.
Their defense on Facebook seems convincing and shocking. See more below.

Who is Megamanpower ?

It is a manpower company run by Lee Kwan Ting Sean

From its company website and social media profile, it seems to be a small company
how did it manage to clinch such a big contract from Parkway Shenton ?

Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA) Defense

1. We refer to the Today article published on 2 July 2021 (…/mom-investigating-firms… ) which is captioned “MOM investigating firms over sudden termination of contracts, salary arrears for some Covid-19 vaccinators”.

2. SAA’s response to the various allegations made against SAA have been given and quoted in the article.

3. According to the article, a Megamanpower (MMP) spokesman claimed that “the company has already paid SAA” and “had not restricted access to the workers’ timesheets”. These assertions are untrue or misleading.

4. The projects began in February 2021. It was not until June 2021 that MMP made any sort of payment to SAA. This meant that for the months of February, March, April, and May, no payment was made to SAA by MMP. Even worse, the amount paid by MMP to SAA in June 2021 did not even remotely come close to the total amount due to SAA and owed by MMP.
Despite all this, SAA has managed to pay most of its contractors for work done up to the month of April 2021.

5. MMP’s claim that they had “sent SAA an email with all the timesheets on June 10” is also misleading and disingenuous. MMP had in fact removed SAA’s access to shared documents on Google Drive on 3 June 2021 and has still not restored the access. While MMP had sent some copies of documents to SAA, these documents appear incomplete, and in some instances also do not appear to correspond with the contractors’ contracts. SAA is therefore having great difficulties in tabulating and ascertaining the correct amounts due to contractors for work done in May and June 2021.

6. SAA has since engaged lawyers to commence action against MMP. A legal letter of demand was sent out on 30 June 2021 to MMP. This letter contains further details and particulars of SAA’s response and position. A copy of this letter is attached for reference.

7. SAA is not blind or unsympathetic to the plight of the contractors who have not yet received payment for work done. As stated in our response to the media, SAA will continue to try to verify and ascertain the correct amounts still due to the contractors who have not yet been paid and endeavour to properly and accurately pay these contractors.

8. SAA will also fully assist and cooperate with MOM in any investigation.

Singapore Ambulance Association (SAA)Lawyer Letter to Megamanpower

Megamanpower Payment of $282,636.83 did not even remotely come close to the total amount due to SAA and owed by MMP.

This payment is only for 1 month and it is not even close. The projects began in February 2021.


Which means this is a million dollar contract between Megamanpower and Parkway Shenton

How did Megamanpower clinch this deal when it is such a small company ?


Mr Edmund Kwok, chief executive officer of Parkway Shenton, said on Saturday that the firm is working fully with MOM in their investigations into the matter.

He added that Parkway Shenton is unaware of the extent and amount that was unpaid to the contract workers, as their remuneration is a private matter between them and Megamanpower.

“Some of these staff did reach out to us earlier but we were only able to help highlight the matter to Megamanpower because we do not have a direct contractual relationship with the staff,” he said. “After our contract with Megamanpower ceased, we did however reengage some of the same staff via a different recruitment agency to ensure that they did not lose employment due to the incident.”

He also said that Parkway Shenton’s contract was solely with Megamanpower, and none of the healthcare group’s vaccination centres were ever involved in any contractual agreements with SAA. 

“We engaged Megamanpower to provide manpower to support our own staff in running one of these vaccination centres. They were recruited to fill a variety of roles including registration/screening counter staff, and vaccinators,” he said.

He added that the contract with Megamanpower ceased in early June and payments for all invoices have been made to the recruitment agency.

In explaining why Parkway Shenton outsourced the supply of manpower to a recruitment agency, Mr Kwok said the healthcare group was contracted to operate the vaccination centres according to MOH specifications.

“It designs and sets up the workflow, manages medical logistics (like procurement and storage of the vaccine), and ensures high service and clinical standards at the vaccination centres it operates. To free up valuable medically trained staff to perform other more important tasks in the centre or at other medical facilities, these vaccination centres are operated by a combination of our own staff and supplementary manpower from external agencies.”

He added: “The outsourcing of manpower is common practice across almost all vaccination centres in Singapore and allows for the more efficient deployment of medical resources as Singapore ramps up its vaccination programme in the midst of the pandemic.”

Outsourcing is common

Yes we know outsourcing is common but WHY did you choose Megamanpower ?

Readers if you know the answer, please contact us