Woman Pours Pipagao & Throws Stuff Down Chai Chee HDB, Gets 10 Weeks’ Jail

Woman Gets 10 Weeks’ Jail For Reckless Behaviour

People react differently to alcohol when they’re intoxicated. Some end up crying more than they should; some become a tad more aggressive than usual.

The experience can be pretty embarrassing for most, but one woman in Chai Chee took things a little too far.

The 48-year-old reportedly poured pipagao on a stranger’s car and threw many random things down her HDB block after police arrived at the scene.


She’s been sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail on Friday (2 Jul).

Woman poured pipagao on stranger’s car

According to 8World News, the incident occurred at around 11.45am on 4 May.

The accused Lin Shuling – name directly translated from Chinese – poured black liquid, believed to be cough syrup, onto a stranger’s car.

Between 1pm and 3.50pm the same day, she went up to an 8th-floor HDB unit and started throwing random household items down, such as:

Plastic bottles
Chopping board

Her actions were deemed dangerous as they could put others in harm’s way.

Police said the woman had locked herself in her own unit and started hurling items down the block after the car owner reported the incident.

Sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail

Yesterday (3 Jul), Shin Min Daily News reported that the cough syrup the woman poured was pipagao—a Chinese herbal syrup.


Lin was charged with 2 counts of reckless behaviour endangering the lives and safety of others.

The judge also took the remaining 4 charges for mischief and illegal possession of weapons into consideration.

She was then sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail.

Promised to seek help after she’s out of jail

According to China Press, Lin expressed regret over her actions, saying that she understands that her alcoholism shouldn’t be an excuse.

She promised that once she’s out of jail, she would seek help and overcome her drinking problem.

Seek help to overcome addiction

Alcoholism is a problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as drinking too much could affect your health and relationships. You could also run into trouble with the law if you aren’t careful enough.

We hope that the woman would stay true to her promise and get the help she needs through rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one struggles to overcome addiction, you can call the National Addictions Management Service at their helpline 6732 6837.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Google Maps.

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