Residents Accidentally Throw Oximeter Redemption Leaflets Away, Appeal For New Ones

Residents Mistake Oximeter Redemption Leaflets For Spam Mail & Throw It Out

Since the start of the pandemic, Temasek Foundation has been generously giving out free masks and sanitisers to ensure Singapore residents stay safe.

Recently, the foundation announced that they would be giving each household an oximeter, which is only redeemable via a leaflet sent to everyone’s letterboxes.

Free Temasek Foundation Oximeter Only Redeemable With Leaflet, Don’t Throw Paper Away

However, many mistakenly discarded the leaflets. They are now appealing to Temasek Foundation for replacements.

Residents accidentally throw leaflets needed for oximeter collection

When Temasek Foundation announced that they are giving a free oximeter to every Singapore household, they added that residents can expect the leaflets to be mailed to them by 3 Jul.

However, some accidentally discarded the leaflets after mistaking them for advertisement brochures or spam mail.


Seeing that the leaflet is the only way to redeem the oximeter, residents are now taking to social media to appeal for a replacement.

One resident said her elderly neighbours thought the leaflet was ‘junk mail’ and have disposed of it. She hopes that there will be other avenues available for them to collect the oximeter.


Another resident shared a similar story and requested if the oximeter collection can be done by presenting one’s NRIC.


Curiously, a Redditor pointed out that the leaflets look nothing like spam mail as they come in the form of thick booklets. They felt confused about how people could mistakenly throw the leaflets away.


Temasek Foundation unable to provide replacement leaflet

According to an email reply to a Redditor, Temasek Foundation said they are unable to provide a replacement leaflet.

The full response was:

We are sorry to hear that. The free oximeter can only be redeemed using the Stay Prepared leaflet with the redemption tab intact. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide another leaflet. We seek your understanding for this.

We wish you good health and take care.

Speaking to The Straits Times (ST), Temasek Foundation explained that the leaflet’s bar code on the redemption tab allows retailers to keep track of the number of oximeters distributed.

The foundation felt that Singapore residents should be familiar with this collection method as it was also used to distribute hand sanitisers.

Leaflets are not unique to households. So if residents wish to pass on their leaflet to others to collect an oximeter, they can do so.

MS News has reached out to Temasek Foundation to confirm this.

Temasek Foundation will take note of public feedback

Many netizens suggested that Temasek Foundation can use other methods of collection, such as by NRIC.

Associate Professor Lawrence Loh from the National University of Singapore Business School also suggested attaching a cover letter to the leaflet, reported ST.

He opined that while the efforts are well-meaning, the initiative must “come through by allowing people collect the product easily”.

In response, Temasek Foundation said the leaflet is seen as a simple way for collection and retailers to support distributions.

The foundation added that it would consider public feedback for future distributions.

Read your mail before throwing it out

The oximeter allows individuals to monitor their blood oxygen levels to detect ‘silent pneumonia’, a consequence of Covid-19.

Despite the challenges in collection, we hope Temasek Foundation will consider residents’ voices and allow alternative methods of collection.

At the same time, this incident serves as a timely reminder for all of us to always read our mail before throwing it out.

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