Cinnamon & brown sugar injeolmi ‘croffles’ now available at BreadTalk for S$2.20

BreadTalk has moved fast to jump on the croffle trend — a pastry that combines a waffle and a croissant to delicious ends.

However, it’s not a croffle per se at the local bakery chain (there’s no grid texture).

Instead, it’s a croffle-inspired rendition, which the bakery calls a, um, korissant.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

The korissant is made by pressing a croissant on a flat grill for a crispier texture, and comes in three flavours:

Cinnamon, S$2.20

Brown Sugar Injeolmi, S$2.20

Kimcheese, S$3

The cinnamon version is straightforward, but good enough to be devoured in one sitting.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

The Brown Sugar Injeolmi (injeolmi = roasted soybean powder) version is dusted with brown sugar and injeolmi powder, with a soybean custard cream centre.

This may or may not have been flattened further by an excursion in a bag. Photo by Mandy How.

Finally, the savoury Kimcheese korissant features kimchi inside, a bottom crust of gouda and mozzarella cheese, and kimchi seasoning on top.

An ongoing promotion nets you one free korissant with every five purchased.

Korean collection

Photo via BreadTalk

The korissants are part of the bakery’s Korean collection, consisting of other highlights such as:

Mandu Mandu (bun version of Korean dumplings)

Juicy ground pork, dried black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, sweet potato noodles, egg

Melted cheese exterior


Soft bread topped with kimchi, yellow onions, gouda cheese, and mozzarella cheese

Goguma Roll

Chiffon cake, with  goguma (sweet potato) filling and pudding centre

Photo via BreadTalk

The whole Goguma Roll (S$12.80) is only available online, but you can buy individual slices (S$3) in stores.

The entire collection is available at BreadTalk and Bread Society outlets islandwide, as well as the brand’s e-store from July 2 – Aug. 15, 2021.

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Top image by Mandy How