Chee Soon Juan’s Orange & Teal cafe to close on Mondays after overwhelming demand

If you’ve been looking forward to visiting Chee Soon Juan’s new cafe at Buona Vista, make sure you don’t visit on a Monday.

The Singapore Democratic Party secretary-general announced that Orange & Teal will now be closed on Mondays, in order to allow his workers to take a break.

Thanks customers for their support

In a Facebook post on July 3, Chee explained that his staff, especially the kitchen crew, has been working 12 to 13 hour shifts for the last two weeks since the opening of the cafe.

“They’ve worked themselves to the bone and need a break,” Chee wrote.

Chee said that he will continue to improve the customer service experience at the cafe, and asked customers to be patient as the cafe shores up its shortcomings.

He added that setting up the cafe has been an “incredible experience” for him and his family so far, and thanked customers for their support.

You can see the full Facebook post here:

The cafe was packed on the first day

The cafe opened to much fanfare on June 25, with customers filling up the place even before noon.

Chee himself was there with his wife, serving food and talking to customers.

The cafe also revealed some teething problems, as several menu items being sold out fairly quickly, although Chee was apologetic when he checked up on customers.

If you’re interested in visiting the cafe, you can have a sneak peek at some of the food items here:


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Top image via Chee Soon Juan/FB and Mandy How.