Monitor lizard & terrapin chill in the sun at Pasir Ris Park Lily Pond

A monitor lizard and terrapin were seen chilling together side by side in the sun in the middle of the Lily Pond in Pasir Ris Park.

The scene of the agreeable cross-species interaction was photographed by Rashmi Kumar and put up on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group.

The caption on her post read: “Humans can learn a thing or two from animals about how to co-exist harmoniously.”

According to Rashmi, a regular at Pasir Ris Park, she was passing by the Lily Pond on April 11 after 12pm when she witnessed the two animals sharing a moment basking in the sunshine on a protruding rock structure.

In response to‘s queries, Rashmi said: “Such natural scenes resonate with me. Seeing these animals basking in the sun together made me feel good and I couldn’t help but capture that memorable moment.”

The Lily Pond is home to a large quantity of terrapins.

via Google Maps

The pond has become a man-made habitat for cold-blooded reptiles in the area that is near the northeastern coast of Singapore.

Monitor lizards are frequently found in Singapore’s forests and mangrove swamps, and feed on insects, crabs, snakes, fish, and carrion.

Terrapins are an invasive species in Singapore, introduced to the local ecosystem from southern United States and northern Mexico.

Pet shops sell the red-eared terrapin tor a mere S$3 to S$5 each.

Both reptiles are not known natural enemies.

Top photo via Rashmi Kumar