Cat in Turkey now world famous for openly hating & smacking random strangers who walk pass it

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Kardelen_cat is an Instagram page dedicated to “the coolest cat in the world”.

Or as some others might describe it: The crankiest cat in the world.

Videos of the cat, who resides in Turkey, typically involve it pawing at random strangers that walk past it, especially if the stranger gets too close for comfort.



In fact, the Instagram account has several video compilations of the cat just randomly smacking strangers that walk by.

Videos of its antics date back to August 2020.

Here’s a recent one:


It’s unclear if the cat is just being playful or just plain unfriendly, but one Yahoo video said the cat is prone to “hate people”, and that it would get very “grumpy” when its personal space is invaded.

There are some moments where it’s more tolerant of human affection and petting, though:


Apart from Instagram, the social media-savvy feline is also on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

The owner recently adopted a second cat last year, a grey tabby called Toki. Here’s the both of them hanging out:


And them engaged in a little tussle:



Top photo via Kardelen_cat.