Baby Pigeons Thrive In S’pore Man’s Flower Pot, He Says Ruined Plant’s Worth It

Baby Pigeons Can Now Be Left Alone While Parents Find Food

When a gorgeous pigeon started nesting in a Singapore man’s money plant, he could have been annoyed and tried to chase it away.

But the kind man instead decided to “sacrifice” his plant so the bird could have a home.

S’pore Man Finds Pigeon Nesting In House Plant, Teaches Birb To Poop Properly

Barely a week later, he was rewarded when 2 hatchlings were born, making him a “grandpa”.

Now, he’s shared that the baby hatchlings are thriving so much that they’ve grown quite big now.


He said seeing the babies grow up makes the “sacrifice” of his plant worth it.

Owner found male pigeon nesting in early Jun

In early Jun, Mr Daniel Wong found the male pink-necked green pigeon in his money plant, and realised it was nesting there – curiously for a male.


Though it meant he would have trouble watering his plant, he let the bird stay and awaited the hatchlings’ arrival.

On 26 Jun, Mr Wong posted that 2 little baby pigeons had been hatched.


At that point, the young hatchlings hadn’t opened their eyes yet, but their father was protecting them and keeping them warm.

Mr Wong, on his part, was bonding with the pigeon by feeding him.

Baby pigeon now can be left alone

Fast forward 1 week later, and the pigeon, whom Mr Wong nicknamed “Mr Green” doesn’t need to constantly stay in the nest any more.

On Saturday (3 Jul), he posted on Facebook saying that Mr Green had left the babies in the nest alone for the 1st time, while he went to get food for them.


We think that’s because he knows “grandpa” would be keeping an eye on them.

Hatchlings may be able to leave nest soon

Incidentally, it’s amazing how huge they’ve grown in just 1 week!


When their father is there, there’s almost not enough space for the 3 of them.


Mr Wong thinks that soon, the hatchlings will be strong enough to leave the nest, making these “family photos” all the more precious.

‘Decimation’ of plant is worth it

By the way, Mr Wong says his money plant has been “decimated”.

While in previous updates, some green leaves could still be seen, his latest photos show that most of the plant’s leaves are gone, except for a few remnants at the side.


However, he generously says that the decimation is worth it, as the happy family has a place to live.

Bird parents “change shifts” to babysit

While Mr Green seems to be a stay-at-home dad and spends the most time with the little ones, Mrs Green isn’t slacking off.

In Mr Wong’s latest update on Saturday (3 Jul), he posted a video of Mrs Green arriving at the nest at 5.25pm to take over babysitting duties.


Thus, we were treated to a snap of both bird parents in the nest at once. Mr Green can be differentiated by the purplish-pink feathers around his neck, which Mrs Green doesn’t have.


Pretty soon, Mr Green flew off, leaving his wife in charge.


This prompted a netizen to joke that the bird parents were changing shift.


Most agreed that it was very cute of them to take turns to babysit their offspring.


Watching the full video of domestic bliss here:

The birds may nest there again

While Mr Wong seems to think that these photos are precious as the young ones will leave the nest soon, one netizen seems to think that won’t be the last he’ll see of the birds.


She said now they’ve found a hospitable home, they’ll keep coming back to nest there.


We sure hope so, as by his kindness and love for the birds, Mr Wong has shown that he’s the perfect “grandpa” and “landlord” to the family.

Just reward for his patience

Now that the birds have gone from uninvited guests to part of the family, it’s just reward for Mr Wong’s patience.

Hopefully, he’ll get to watch the young birds take flight, and the parents expand their brood since they were lucky enough to find the right home.

Kudos to him for his kindness and “sacrifice” of his plant.

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