We tried Signature by KOI’s new brandy chocolate milk, starting at S$10.60

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On July 1, Signature by KOI launched two new alcoholic beverages — VSOP Chocolate and Whiskey Oriental.

VSOP Chocolate

The VSOP Chocolate (S$10.60) with an alcoholic content of 2 per cent comprises chocolate milk, Brandy VSOP, topped with chocolate ice-cream and biscuit bits.

Customers may top up S$3 for an extra shot of brandy VSOP.

Additional toppings such as boba, mini bubbles, konjac pearls and coconut jelly, can also be added.

Together with the Whiskey Oriental (S$14.90), the VSOP Chocolate is available at Signature by KOI’s Jewel Changi Airport, The Star Vista, ION Orchard, TANGS, and Suntec City outlets from July 1, 2021.

From now till July 15, 2021, customers can get 50 per cent off their second drink for all alcohol series beverages.

Baileys Earl Grey Milk Tea

Rum & Raisin Earl Grey Milk Tea


VSOP Chocolate

Whiskey Oriental

The drinks will not be sold to those below the age of 18, as well as those in school uniform.

Taste test

We had the opportunity to assemble the components of our own VSOP Chocolate as well as try it.

Clockwise from top left: Chocolate ice-cream, brandy-infused chocolate milk, and biscuit bits. Photo by Karen Lui.

When KOI sent it to us, the brandy-infused chocolate milk was delivered with the chocolate ice-cream and biscuits crumbs in separate containers.

As the VSOP Chocolate (like the the rest of the alcoholic series) is exclusively available in-stores at selected outlets and are not available for delivery, it is unlikely that you would be assembling it yourself.

Prior to assembling the components, I tried the three components separately.

The brandy-infused chocolate milk boasted a distinct alcoholic taste and the chocolate ice-cream was very rich in chocolatey taste without any alcohol.

The biscuit bits looked and tasted like a normal wafer.

Biscuit bits. Photo by Karen Lui.

I tried the drink again after assembling it.

The assembled product. Photo by Karen Lui.

The ice-cream gives the drink an extra chocolatey creaminess and a touch of sweetness without dulling the alcoholic taste.

The biscuit bits add texture to the drink if you manage to sip a mouthful that contains the bits (perhaps, I should have mixed it more thoroughly?).

Even after the chocolate ice-cream had fully melted, I found that the beverage retained the distinct alcoholic taste.

However, another taste tester who drinks regularly said the alcoholic taste became milder after mixing the ice-cream in.

As someone who drinks very sparingly (ie. for work) and does not like milk-based liquor, such as Bailey’s, I was pleasantly surprised when I did not recoil with a grimace after taking my first sip.

Besides appealing to the die-hard chocoholic in me, I found that the chocolate helped to balance out the whiskey.

A third taste tester who shared my distaste for Bailey’s echoed my sentiments and said she did not mind the VSOP Chocolate as the richness of the chocolate complemented the alcohol quite well.

2 per cent alcohol may not sound like a high percentage but it may not be a good idea to drink this while working (or driving) if you are the sort that is easily intoxicated.

After drinking at least half of the drink, I could feel a bit of a buzz as I continued working, even though I had not drunk on an empty stomach (perhaps it’s just my low tolerance for alcohol).

Frankly, I don’t see myself ordering this drink again, solely because I’m not an avid alcohol consumer. Nonetheless, I will continue to indulge in my favourite non-alcoholic bubble tea beverages from KOI.

For those who love chocolate and whiskey, this new concoction is worth a try.

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Top images by Signature by Koi and Karen Lui.