5 Ways To Integrate Workspaces Into Your HDB Living Room, Balcony & Study

Create Cosy Workspaces For Breezy WFH Seshs In Your HDB

As work from home (WFH) becomes the norm, having a private nook where you can focus is key to productivity. But making space for that in an HDB unit may require some extra creativity.

Even so, it’s nothing a standing desk or a few extra chairs can’t salvage, as A Blue Cube Design (ABCD) shows.

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With some minor adjustments, you can even turn your kitchen counter or vanity into conducive workspaces. Here are some other potential locations you might not have thought about adapting.

1. A living room you can relax & be productive in

While we often head to the living room to unwind and watch TV, the rest and relaxation area can actually serve many more purposes than that.

For those who work better curled up on the couch with your laptop, a spacious sofa and coffee table are your best friends.

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With ample space for your devices, documents, and cuppa joe, you can kick back and get work done in a breeze. The panoramic windows help too, letting tons of natural light in to give the area a warm and comforting glow.

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At the end of the workday, you can simply put your things aside and treat yourself to some TV for a job well done.

2. Window-side daybed for enlightening work & breaks

A conventional workspace often includes a desk and chair, but that’s not necessarily what you have to go for.

This cosy daybed with built-in shelves hidden discreetly in the corner serves as a functional workspace with abundant storage, also thanks to the huge cupboard adjacent to it.

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If you’re the restless type who’ll switch your sitting position every 30 minutes, the length-wise daybed lets you do just that.

And with natural light streaming in through the open windows, you’ll have the best lighting for online meetings.

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Working parents would appreciate the nook’s easy access to the living room and dining area nearby, so you can watch your kiddos while they rest or play, and prep meals in a jiffy.

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3. A space for meals & closing deals

When it comes to client work, discussions are often done over a fancy meal or at a long table in a meeting room, both of which you can easily replicate at home.

And there’s no better space for that than the dining area, where you can take advantage of the large table to spread your documents out.

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If your fam’s the type to spend lots of time together, you’ll appreciate having this communal space to gather in.

4. A foodie’s haven & worker’s retreat

At the office, getting a snack or drink may require a walk to the pantry, but there’s no need for that when you’ve integrated your workspace into your kitchen.

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When your countertop extends across the whole length of your kitchen, there’ll be just enough extra space for pretty bar chairs so you can work while sipping on some piping hot coffee.

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No need to chiong for lunch either when you can simply take a few steps to the stove and whip up a quick meal for yourself and the fam.

If your lunchtime Masterchef sesh left some stains on your fave WFH outfit, you can saunter over to the laundry area nearby to promptly fix that so you can wear it again soon.

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5. Recharge & return to work in your bedroom

Despite the multitude of options in common areas, some might prefer much quieter spaces such as the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Even if there’s no room for an extra table, you can improvise and use the vanity, which offers on-point lighting for both your makeup application and Zoom calls.

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Since there’s already a table and stool there anyway, you’d be pretty much good to go. All you have to do is resist the temptation to hop into bed whenever you feel a little sleepy.

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But of course, feel free to do that during your lunch break, and catch some z’s before getting back to work.

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Should your power lunch nap be disrupted by nature’s call, you can simply rush over to the master bathroom for a quick relief and freshen up to take on the rest of your day.

Image courtesy of ABCD

With a bathroom that looks like it’s right out of a hotel or resort, your toilet breaks will be like little slices of heaven that offer you a brief respite from work.

Image courtesy of ABCD

Transform any space old or new to fit modern needs

hough most of the older HDBs come in simple designs that have defined the regular heartland home, new norms call for innovative changes to adapt to our evolving needs.

ABCD Interior can help homeowners make those changes, whether they’re living in a 4-year-old or 50-year-old resale HDB flat.

The innovative design they’ve applied to the 3-room resale flat above to make it the humble abode and home office of anyone’s dream is a testament to the awe-inspiring work they do.

If you’d like to optimise your home for the ultimate WFH experience, get professional help from folks at ABCD who’ll make your home functional yet breathtaking at the same time.

Visit their website here to check out all their works, or send a request. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for regular design inspos.

Make your home a dream WFH office & heavenly abode

Home space may seem like a premium in our small urbanised city, but there’s plenty of ways you can create a workstation that serves all your office needs.

By integrating workspaces, you can easily focus, stay productive, and adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Whether you have space for a tiny or sizable workspace, you can easily transform your home into a conducive yet comfortable work environment.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with A Blue Cube Design (ABCD).

Featured image courtesy of ABCD.

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