Tray Return Ambassador Job Allegedly Offers Up To $2.5K, Netizens Ask Why Cleaners Get Less

Tray Return Ambassador Job Listing Offers Up To $2.5K Salary

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing much of our everyday lives, the ‘new normal’ has created new jobs that were once unheard of. Social distancing ambassadors, contact tracers and Covid-19 testers are just some to name a few.

By extension, the job as a tray return ambassador could also be a result of the pandemic.

In a post shared on the Singapore subreddit, a screenshot of one such job listing drew the curiosity of netizens.

Upon seeing the salary range offered, many netizens wonder why these jobs pay more than the cleaners at hawker centres.

Tray return ambassador job listing shared on Reddit

On Wednesday (30 Jun), Reddit user u/HelloWorld0921 shared a screenshot of a tray return ambassador job listing on the Singapore subreddit.

The screenshot shows a list of roles and responsibilities that entail the job and also a salary range of $2,000 to $2,500.


However, a detail to note is that the job listing was created and posted in Jul 2020, a year before new rules mandating the return of trays took effect.

You can view the job listing here.

Netizens point out pay difference

Netizens were puzzled to find out that the job is paying more than what cleaners usually make and were quick to point out the difference.


Another user pondered over the need for an entirely new job to be created and suggested giving the responsibility to the cleaners automatically.


One Redditor shared their experience as a tray return ambassador and gave us some insight into the job scope.


Tray return ambassador job listing in 2021

MS News also found a more recent listing of the tray return ambassador job on the same platform.

However, contrary to the screenshot from above, this new job listing offers a lower salary albeit with fewer responsibilities.


One of the main differences in pay could be attributed to the former requiring prior experience in a frontline service role.

Another factor could be the difference in working arrangements as the former is a contract role while the above listing is geared for part-timers.

Many factors could contribute to pay disparity

While pay disparity can be discouraging, many factors play a part in determining your salary.

Although cleaners are earning less, to be asked to add to their responsibilities and have it reflected in their salaries may not be the easiest solution to implement.

In light of the news of wage increments for cleaners, we hope that they can keep their morale high at work.

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