S’pore Doctor Behind Open Covid-19 Letter Under Investigation For Alleged Islamophobic Comments

Doctor Kho Kwang Po Under Police Investigation For Alleged Islamophobic Comments

An open letter urging the authorities to hold off Covid-19 jabs for young boys grabbed headlines recently, but 1 of the 5 doctors seems to still be in limelight for the wrong reasons.

Dr Kho Kwang Po, who co-authored the letter, is now under investigation for alleged Islamophobic comments he had made online.

This comes after someone apparently made a police report against him.

Doctor allegedly posted Islamophobic comments online

According to The Straits Times (ST), a police report was made against Dr Kho after several incriminatory posts by him surfaced on several websites.

A thread on online forum HardwareZone contains screenshots of the posts, while a Redditor also shared some damning evidence.

Anyone could easily find some of the posts when visiting Dr Kho’s Facebook profile too, with many dating back a few years.


Regularly calling for closer scrutiny upon the religion and its practices, Dr Kho seemingly never hid his distaste.


Police investigations ongoing

Following the discovery, someone apparently lodged a report with the police against Dr Kho, reported TODAY.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed with them that this is true, and that investigations are ongoing.

TODAY noted that Dr Kho had an earlier report against him in 2019, which he had received a warning for. The exact details of the report, however, are unclear.

Despite the public attention it garnered, his open letter was also subject to backlash, from none other than the Ministry of Health (MOH) and infectious disease experts.

Singapore is thus continuing with Covid-19 vaccinations for young men, as the benefits have proven to outweigh the risks.

When contacted by ST, Dr Kho claimed he wasn’t aware of the report and declined to comment.

MS News has reached out to Dr Kho for comments and will update the article accordingly.

Hope authorities will get to the bottom of the case

While the consequences Dr Kho may face for his actions are unclear, there appears to be sufficient proof stacked against him of his allegedly anti-Islam inclinations.

We thus hope that the truth will come to light, and necessary actions taken to prevent him from perpetuating his potentially divisive views further.

In our efforts to build a more inclusive society, we certainly have no room for those who discriminate against others.

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Featured image adapted from Burst on Unsplash and Kwang Po Kho on Facebook.

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