Free Temasek Foundation Oximeter Only Redeemable With Leaflet, Don’t Throw Paper Away

Free Oximeter Only Redeemable With Leaflet & Redemption Tab

Recently, Temasek Foundation announced that they’ll be giving out free oximeters to all Singaporean households to help measure blood oxygen levels.


With ‘silent pneumonia’ being a consequence of Covid-19, monitoring blood oxygen levels is one of the most effective ways to detect that.

As stated in an earlier PSA, households can expect a leaflet by 3 Jul that holds a redemption tab in their mailbox.

Please note that this is the one and only way to redeem your free oximeter.

Any photocopies, digital copies and redemption tabs without the barcode fully intact will not be accepted.

Leaflet must come with redemption tab intact

From 3 Jul, households can expect a leaflet in their mailboxes where they can redeem an oximeter from a list of partnered locations.

Each registered residential address is entitled to 1 oximeter leaflet.

This leaflet will have a redemption tab that holds a barcode, attached on the right side of it. It will look something like this.


Collection starts from 5 Jul and runs until 5 Aug, redeemable at the following supermarkets and pharmacy outlets:

NTUC FairPrice (excluding FairPrice Xpress at petrol kiosks)
Sheng Siong
Cold Storage

Not all of these outlets are collection points for the oximeter and you can check for your nearest collection point here.

Temasek Foundation also assures that stock is aplenty and if you somehow come across a situation where the collection point runs out of stock, you can head to another location or return on another day as stock gets regularly updated.

Kudos to Temasek Singapore

Kudos to Temasek Singapore for looking out for everyone in Singapore.

We’re sure that many people are glad to learn that silent pneumonia can occur due to Covid-19 and having an oximeter on hand can help detect this easily.

Its usefulness will also last beyond pandemic-related issues with it being able to detect other underlying conditions including asthma and heart disease.

In any case, seek medical attention if you notice a significant drop in your blood oxygen level.

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