S’pore family adopts dog with cancerous lumps, showers it with love for its remaining days

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Despite having one to two years to live, Shortbread the dog was adopted by a loving family, whom she spent her last days with.

She was taken in by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in August last year with multiple cancerous lumps all over her body.

An Instagram post by SPCA detailed how a family with two young children had chosen to give her a last forever home with palliative care.

Taken in by a loving family

Family who fostered Shortbread. Image via SPCA Instagram.

She was spoiled with long walks and delicious food, with all the toys, pillows, and blankets she wanted, the post said. Despite being ill, Shortbread was still very active and ate and drank really well.

And best of all, she had a family that fussed over her daily.

Heartfelt note

Image via SPCA Instagram.

One of the daughters, who is in primary school, had written a heartfelt parting message to Shortbread.

In the message, the girl wrote about how she always wanted a dog and one of a specific breed but never got one. She was overjoyed when Shortbread came home with them.

Her note also said that Shortbread once ate the buttons from TV remote, and even had to get an X-ray done after gobbling up a protein bar.

Saying goodbye

The family held a simple funeral for Shortbread, laying out dog food, treat and toy offerings.

Image via SPCA Instagram.

She was also covered with fresh flowers.

SPCA said that the family saw her as a blessing to their lives, even though they only spent a short amount of time with her.

They also hope that others will see the value of fostering dogs in critical care because these animals have “so much love to give despite their conditions”.


Fostering a dog in critical care

Individuals aged 18-years-old and above are eligible for the foster program at SPCA.

SPCA’s Foster Care programme is for very young or sick animals to get dedicated care in a home environment.

However, SPCA warns those interested in the program that fostering requires them to be ready to dedicate a lot of time to caring for an animal in need.

They also require potential fosterers to be with the animal for the most part of the day.

More information can be found here.

Top images via SPCA.