NEA debunks photo: Messy trays on Queen’s Street hawker centre floor from 2016, not recent

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The National Environment Agency (NEA) has given an update on the state of the tray return corner at Queen’s Street Hawker Centre.

The Facebook post shows two photos side by side; one taken recently and another taken in 2016.

The latter photo has recently been circulated online.

Back in 2016, the tray return station was so full that trays and crockery were even left unattended on the floor. It was quite an unsightly scene.

NEA said that a “dramatic transformation” was achieved after better tray infrastructure and a new cleaning workflow were implemented after consulting stakeholders.

NEA also thanked diners and cleaners for their efforts to keep hawker centres clean.

Even though the mandatory tray return policy has kicked in recently, the photo taken in 2021 shows the station to be empty.

On the first day of the resumption of dining in, 4,500 diners were reminded to return their trays and crockery, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor updated.

From now till Aug. 31, no fines will be issued as this is an advisory period for diners to get used to the change.

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Top image via NEA/Facebook