S’pore F&B business does its own ‘BTS Meal’: Black soy milk, traditional youtiao & sotong youtiao

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A local F&B business, quick to jump on the bandwagon, has released its own “BTS Meal”.

The set from You Tiao Man costs S$24.50, and comprises:

Black soy milk/charcoal soy milk

Traditional youtiao (dough fritter)

Sotong youtiao

You Tiao Man is a Singapore-based halal dough fritter manufacturer, although they also sell a variety of other foods, such as dim sum and samosas.

All profits from the “BTS Meal” will go to Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore).

As K-pop lovers are known to “always give back”, the company explained, the donation is meant to “honour that love”.

To promote the youtiao bundle, an unsuspecting man has been repackaged into an “oppa” to be featured in a campaign video:

You can buy the bundle here if you appreciate his efforts.

Or if you just want to eat some dough fritters and donate to charity at the same time.

Teaser post on tricky grounds

A teaser post on June 21 has copped a bit of flak from audiences, with some questioning the legality of such a marketing technique, especially as the poster from You Tiao Man also parodied the promotional material by McDonald’s.

Others, however, took it in their stride.

The company also noted that most BTS fans would have no problem with the pirated meal.

Top image via You Tiao Man