Science Centre Has Tickets From $17.90 To Omni Theatre, Butterfly Enclosure & Da Vinci Exhibits

Science Centre Singapore Has Up To 27% Off On Ticket Purchases

Most of us would remember the moment of stepping into Science Centre Singapore as a child. The novel experience filled us with awe as we feasted our eyes upon iconic exhibits and electrifying shows.

Fast forward to today, Science Centre Singapore has even more to offer, be it for the young ones or adults filled with child-like curiosity.

You can get up-close with butterflies, have an immersive cinematic experience at the Omni Theatre, and check out an expansive exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius inventions.

The science playground offers bundle packages that allow you to save on your tickets while doing all that. Read on to discover what they have in store for you.

Marvel at beautiful butterflies up close

When we were young, it was fascinating to learn that a tiny caterpillar transforms into a majestic butterfly.

The Butterflies Up-Close experience at Science Centre will take you on that intriguing journey all over again, but with an up-close and personal touch, as the name suggests.

Here, you get to admire real butterflies at Singapore’s only indoor butterfly enclosure.

If you’re lucky enough, a butterfly might even choose you as its smol resting spot. Remember to keep still and be gentle, so you don’t accidentally give the butterfly a shock.

It truly is a pretty fly experience for people of all ages.

Explore Leonardo Da Vinci’s world of inventions

If you’ve read or watched The Da Vinci Code, you’d be familiar with the man behind the name—Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a painter, an engineer, and a scientist, amongst many other things.

At Science Centre Singapore, the Da Vinci exhibition features more than 50 life-size replicas of Da Vinci’s most significant works, including one of the world’s most emblematic portraits—the Mona Lisa.

As you walk along the gallery, you can learn more about the genius’ complex life beginnings and his many accomplishments throughout his lifetime.

The experience is expected to be an immersive one too. You can even snap a photo with a neon-lighted ‘Vitruvian Man’ to show your Instagram followers how cultured you are as you learn about this renaissance man.

Whether your interests lie in Da Vinci’s art, inventions or scientific contributions, you’ll be in for a treat with an array of hands-on activities and interactive displays.

This exhibition runs till 2 Jan 2022.

‘Teleport’ into a movie at Omni Theatre

After roaming around all day to explore Science Centre Singapore, you might need some chill time to recharge, especially if you’ve been trying to keep up with your excited kids.

Head over to the Omni Theatre – the country’s first and only dome theatre – and join man’s best friends on an extraordinary adventure with the Superpower Dogs movie.

You’ll be taken on an immersive journey around the world and learn how these canine companions make incredible everyday heroes.

Ladies will get the chance to swoon not only at the sight of adorable doggos but also upon hearing the voice of Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, who is the narrator.

The 221-seat 8K digital theatre also promises a cinematic experience like no other. You’ll feel like you’ve just been teleported into the film thanks to its surround sound system and massive dome-shaped projection screen.

All that’s missing is probably some popcorn.

Get 27% off with the Science Centre bundle package

If you’ve been reminiscing upon simpler days when all you wanted to be was a brainy child scientist in Dexter’s Laboratory, a visit to Science Centre Singapore will let you relive your childhood.

Check out their Bundle Packages, which include tickets to Science Centre Singapore and the 3 attractions above—the Omni Theatre, Butterflies Up-Close exhibition, and Da Vinci the Exhibition.

The Full Day Bundle Package will give you up to a 27% discount, and you’ll be able to snag tickets at these prices:

Singapore Citizen and Permanent Residents – $35.90 for adult, $33.90 for child
Standard – $40.90 for adult, $37.90 for child

If you’re planning just to get the Half Day Pass, which comprises tickets to Science Centre Singapore and either one of the 3 attractions, you can enjoy up to 20% savings on tickets:

Singapore Citizen and Permanent Residents – $19.90 for adult, $17.90 for child
Standard – $23.90 for adult, $21.90 for child

You can also make use of your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers when purchasing the Full Day and Half Day passes, allowing you to save even more on your trip there.

Book your tickets here before you head down.

Creating new memories & immortalising them on IG

In a time when people miss travelling, local attractions are taking the time to revamp so that we can explore new activities on our little red dot.

At Science Centre Singapore, we’ll also get the chance to fulfil our curiosities about the world and take tons of epic photos for the gram.

Give your friends and family a jio so that you can enjoy this galactic exploration together.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore.

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