Pet parrot in Thailand swallows 21 sparkly diamonds from owner’s jewellery box

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An 8-month-old parakeet in Thailand has gained some fame after 21 diamonds had to be removed from its stomach.

Animal Space Hospital/FB

Emergency surgery

Thairath reported that the owner brought it to the pet hospital in Bangkok after discovering that the parrot seemed to have lost its appetite.

A Facebook post by Animal Space Hospital showed an x-ray of the bird in question, revealing several bead-like objects in his stomach.

Animal Space Hospital/FB

The bird had to undergo emergency surgery, which took over an hour, Khaosod reported.

It turned out that these objects — a total of 21, to be exact — were diamonds. It is believed that the parakeet had raided its owner’s jewellery box, and had been attracted to the sparkly objects.

Animal Space Hospital/FB

A vet from the hospital also told Thai media that birds tend to be attracted to glittery things, and might accidentally ingest them.

Hence, such items should be kept away from birds.

Any bird found to have ingested foreign matter should also be taken to a vet immediately.

Animal Space Hospital/FB

Top photos via Animal Space Hospital/FB