Customer in S’pore tips moonwalking food delivery rider S$30 for exceptional performance

A food delivery rider in Singapore showed that he enjoyed his job thoroughly and, in return, was tipped S$30 by the customer, who also agreed that the gig economy worker had put up an exceptional performance — literally.

This show of goodwill and heartwarming turn of events was reported by Lianhe Wanbao.

Footage of the moonwalking food delivery rider was put up on Facebook on June 21.

The occupant of the HDB flat, Syazwi Halip, 33, uploaded the video of a delivery man dancing at the door while delivering food, which won widespread praise.

What actually happened

Syazwi told the Chinese newspaper that he was not home at the time when the delivery was carried out.

He said the camera at the door of his house that detects movement, sent a notification to his mobile phone.

When Syazwi turned on the phone and found that the deliveryman was dancing at the door, it amused him to no end.

He admitted: “It’s so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh, and watched the video several times.”

The customer then gave the delivery rider a S$30 tip.

Rider and home occupant know each other

As to why the food delivery rider was even dancing in the first place, it turns out, he and Syazwi are acquainted.

In response to media queries, Syazwi said he actually knows the food delivery rider as they were in National Service (NS) together.

This was what some online commenters had speculated previously when they saw the clip and were also tickled by it.

Some commenters opined that the delivery rider was probably done for the night, or that he had hit his order quota and was eligible for incentives.

Others guessed that he could probably be acquainted with the occupant of the flat and so happened to be delivering food to his friend’s house, which turned out to be correct.