Man Captures Glorious Sunset Aboard MRT, It Looks Like He’s In The Savannahs

Man Captures Glorious Sunset Aboard MRT At Tuas Link

Our daily trips on the MRT may be mundane, but every now and then, they might offer us special glimpses that can take our breaths away.

On Tuesday (22 Jun), a man was making his way home from Tuas when he saw a glorious sunset aboard the MRT.

Image courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim

With a near-unobstructed view of the sun, clear waters, and a massive tree, it was almost as if he was in the Savannahs.

Man captures glorious sunset aboard MRT on 22 Jun

At around 6.30pm on Tuesday (22 Jun), Mr Abdul Rahim witnessed the glowing spectacle while on the way home from Tuas Link MRT Station.

Through the train doors, he witnessed an unobstructed view of the majestic sun as he called it a day.

Image courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim

With no skyscrapers and buildings in the way, the sun’s rays appeared to reflect against the sea before the glowing orb disappeared into the horizon.

Image courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim

In another picture, the sun shone brightly above what looks to be mountains — a view that most wouldn’t associate with Singapore.

Image courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim

As he journeyed East, the skies became cloudier but looked no less spectacular as some towering cranes came into view.

Image courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim

Scene reminds netizens of The Lion King

On Thursday (24 Jun), Mr Abdul Rahim’s friend shared one of the pictures on the Singapore Subreddit which has since gone viral with over 2,300 upvotes.

A number of netizens pointed out that the picture reminded them of The Lion King movie.


One Redditor seemed to know why that was the case, as he highlighted the large tree in the picture.


If you’re wondering why we don’t get to see such sunsets more often, this netizen offered a sad but relatable answer.


There are beautiful sceneries in Singapore too

Mr Abdul Rahim’s pictures show us that beautiful sceneries can be seen in Singapore, if we simply paused and looked, and are lucky enough.

Kudos to him for capturing the awesome pictures and sharing them with folks on the Internet.

Have you captured similar views while travelling on the MRT? Share your pictures with us in the comments.

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Featured images courtesy of Mr Abdul Rahim. 

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