Father of S’pore teen, who told Carousell buyer he copulated with his mom, makes police report

Recently, a man made headlines after he confronted a Carousell seller in real life, by posing as a buyer to arrange a face-to-face meet-up.

This was after the seller hurled insults online over the Carousell chat, saying he copulated with the buyer’s mother.

The buyer subsequently wanted to teach the rude seller a lesson.

The buyer then filmed his interaction with the seller, who turned out to be a teenager.

The video was then shared on social media, with the buyer telling his audience not to be rude to others online.

In response to the hullabaloo and how the seller was portrayed, the teenager’s father reached out to Mothership alleging that the buyer omitted several important details in his sharing of the incident.

These details included how his son had already apologised to the buyer, with the apology apparently accepted before the meet-up was arranged.

The father came forward as he wanted to set the record straight.

Original account of events by the buyer

According to the original social media post, the buyer, who shall be referred to as D, first encountered the seller on Carousell.

The seller had put up a deal to sell a pair of Yeezy sneakers for S$270.

D offered to trade the sneakers for a pair of his own, although the seller, who shall be referred to as S, responded with a string of expletives.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

D was unhappy with this, and proceeded to arrange a face-to-face meeting with S.

At the meeting, he approached S, and immediately confronted him about their previous online interaction, while scolding S for previously being rude to him.

He later shared two videos of their encounter online.

In the videos shared, S could be seen apologising to D and asking S not to record their encounter.

D then ended his social media post by saying that this was a warning for those who may hide behind anonymity to be rude to others online, and that he is “normally a peace-loving person”.

D tried to blackmail S into calling him “daddy”

However, S’s father claimed that D was not as benevolent as he made himself appear to be, as he continued to send threatening messages after the incident, despite his post claiming that the issue was settled and ended with the meet-up.

For example, D sent a message to S after their encounter, warning him to “talk properly to people next time”, and to show respect to others.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

S then thanked D for the lesson, and promised that he will no longer do such a thing again.

D proceeded to ask S whether he wanted his face to be on “sgfollowsall”, referring to an Instagram page that primarily posts incidents that happen in Singapore that attract attention.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

When S pleaded with D not to do it, D asked him to say, “I’m sorry daddy I won’t do this again”, and claimed that he will not post the incident if S complied.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

S responded by apologising and promising not to repeat his actions, although he did not accede to D’s request to call him “daddy”.

D pressed the issue, and told S that he could either comply with his request, or “go ahead and get famous”.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

S then repeated his apology, but did not comply with D’s request.

Subsequently, D shared the video clips and his account of what happened on his own social media pages, and the videos also appeared on the sgfollowsall Instagram account.

S’s father also claimed that many other Carousell users began to taunt S and hurled vulgarities at him shortly after the incident went viral, and this continued until Carousell disabled S’s account.

Speaking to Mothership, S’s father apologised for his son’s behaviour, and said that when a child makes a mistake, the responsibility lies with the parents.

He said that this was not the way he and his wife brought up their children, and that they have introduced “appropriate disciplinary actions” against their son, including having his devices locked away for two weeks after the incident.

“In many ways, my wife and I are glad this incident came to light. It presented us with a valuable teachable moment for us to educate our son,” he said.

D should not have threatened a child

However, he also argued that D’s sharing of the incident was malicious, as he posted his account shortly after S refused to call him “daddy”.

He also said that his son has apologised multiple times to D during the encounter, both in person and over chat, and even sent his apology to the sgfollowsall Instagram account in an attempt to share his own perspective of the events that transpired.

S’s father added that D clearly intended to lure S out for a physical meeting, by deliberately pretending to forgive S for his insults.

He shared some screenshots of their exchange, claiming that — contrary to what D claimed — he did not pose as another buyer, but rather pretended to forgive S for his remarks, in order to keep the conversation going.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

D even continued to negotiate the deal, pretending that nothing was wrong, prior to their meet-up.

Image courtesy of S’s father.

S’s father claimed that D deliberately hid the fact that an apology was already issued prior to the meet-up, and claimed that D “entrapped” S by pretending to be friendly before meeting in person.

The screenshots of the apology were not available, apparently because Carousell suspended S’s account soon after the incident made headlines.

The father also pointed out that in the videos posted by D, he could be seen scolding S and threatening to hit him, and said that this behaviour is not appropriate for a grown man.

He said that no matter how wrong the child was, it is “unbecoming” of an adult to have a petty quarrel with a kid in the virtual world, and that D crossed the line for threatening physical action.

He added that if a child displays problematic behaviour, the correct thing to do is to call his or her parents, in order to hold them accountable.

S’s father told Mothership that a police report has been lodged on June 9 against D, for harassment and intimidation against a minor.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed this, and said that investigations are ongoing.

D admitted that he could have handled the situation better

Separately, Mothership also reached out to D, who confirmed that S did apologise to him prior to their meet-up.

However, D claimed that the extent of S’s expletives in their original exchange went beyond what was seen in the screenshots circulated.

For example, he claimed that S said things along the lines of being his “daddy”, although he said that he has since deleted the explicit messages, and is not able to back this up with screenshots.

D also said that he has since been painted as a sexual predator online, and the incident has been extremely distressing for him.

He admitted that he “could have handled the situation better”, and expressed his hopes that the family would contact him personally for any clarifications, and to put this matter to rest.

Top image via Google Street View.