7-Year-Old Finishes 75KM Ride, S’pore Cyclist Gives Him OCBC Medal As Motivation

7-Year-Old Boy Gets OCBC Cycle 2021 Medal From Veteran Cyclist

Many Singaporeans have picked up cycling over the course of the pandemic to keep fit and healthy.

For 7-year-old Afi, cycling is a sport he’s extremely familiar with during pre-Covid days, having gone on rides with his family since he was 3.


Earlier this week, the boy broke his personal record by clocking an impressive 75km after riding to Coney Island and back.

A veteran long-distance cyclist was impressed by the feat. He reached out and offered to gift him a medal he received after participating in the OCBC Cycle 2021 event.


The pair met up recently, and Afi was seen shedding tears of joy after receiving the medal.

Veteran cyclist hands medal to 7-year-old boy to motivate him

On 20 Jun, Ms Sophia shared Afi’s achievement of clocking a new personal cycling record of 75km in the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group. Previously, his furthest distance pedalled was 50km.


This impressive achievement caught the attention of the veteran cyclist, Mr Loh. He reached out, asking if he could offer his OCBC Ride 2021 medal as a token of motivation to Afi.


As if that wasn’t moving enough, Mr Loh had apparently travelled all the way from Queenstown to Bukit Panjang to hand Afi the medal.


Feeling grateful, Ms Sophia conveyed her appreciation to Mr Loh in the group the next day.


Given the sweet and sportsman-like gesture, it’s no wonder that Afi teared up at the meeting.

Veteran inspires 7-year-old to follow in his footsteps

Before the meet-up, Ms Sophia said she shared pictures of Mr Loh’s cycling achievements with Afi.

Mr Loh is a long-distance cyclist who has traversed different countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, and navigated their terrains on his trusty bicycle.


Mr Loh has also conquered numerous races and won many medals.


Inspired by his achievements, Afi told Ms Sophia that he’d like to follow in Mr Loh’s footsteps.

Started cycling when he was just 3

Speaking to MS News, Ms Sophia shared that Afi started cycling at the tender age of 3 on a 4-wheeler.

Image courtesy of Sophia Sofii

1 year later, he did away with the training wheels and moved on to a mini 2-wheel bicycle.

Image courtesy of Sophia Sofii

He then transitioned to a slightly larger bike, which he managed to ride up to 50km with.

Image courtesy of Sophia Sofii

A healthy way to spend time with the family

Cycling is an activity that Afi and his family were particularly fond of.

Image courtesy of Sophia Sofii

On one occasion, the family cycled all the way from Bukit Panjang to Sentosa and back, with a baby in tow.

Image courtesy of Sophia Sofii

The family’s affinity for cycling shows that cycling is truly a great way to spend time together as a family while keeping fit and enjoying the scenery that our island nation has to offer.

Hope Afi will continue challenging himself

Kudos to Mr Loh for the kind gesture. We hope Afi would be inspired to challenge himself further and reach new heights.

Though many of us spend our childhood on the computer or watching TV,  Afi’s passion for cycling will certainly give him many memories to look back on when he grows up.

If you know someone whose child is learning to ride, share this story with them, so they too are inspired to pursue the sport.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Ms Sophia Sofii. 

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