S’pore GrabFood rider goes out of the way to buy birthday candles for customer’s cake

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Some food delivery riders would go the extra mile to leave a positive experience for their customers.

One of these Good Samaritans includes GrabFood rider Nabil Syahiran bin Mohamed Amin.

In an Instagram post from June 19, Bob Mubarak Nasir shared that he had ordered a cake via GrabFood.

Forgot to request candles

However, he forgot to request candles before submitting the order on the app.

Instead, he messaged his GrabFood rider, Nabil, asking if he could help ask the bakery if they could provide birthday candles for the cake.

Unfortunately, Nabil told Bob that they don’t provide candles.

Photo from @bobmubarak on Instagram.

But he didn’t stop there, though.

Volunteered to find candles

Out of goodwill, Nabil requested a few more minutes and volunteered to find the candles out of his own initiative.

He did all these, despite Bob telling him not to trouble himself over a few candles.

Photo from @bobmubarak on Instagram.

Lo and behold, Nabil delivered the cake along with a set of birthday candles:

Photo from @bobmubarak on Instagram.

While this may seem like a small thing on Nabil’s end, Bob shared that as a customer, he thought that it was a “huge gesture” and Nabil has been “extremely kind and sincere”.

This small yet thoughtful moment also got Bob to reflect and be ever more grateful for the food delivery riders who make life more convenient for a lot of us.

“Sometimes I tend to be complacent and not realise that their work is not easy. They had to wait for my orders, drive or ride with our orders in the sun, the rain, before rushing off for the next job. And not forgetting the amount of time they are on the road and how dangerous it could be. And yes, we tend to forget all these and sometimes, just a thank you is not enough.”

You can read Bob’s full post here:


Top image from @bobmubarak on Instagram.