S’pore food delivery guy moonwalks to hang food on customer’s gate, acknowledges door spy cam

A food delivery rider in Singapore was caught on camera enjoying his job thoroughly as he moonwalked to the front gate of the customer’s house and danced like somebody is watching.

The only catch was that he was intentionally hamming it up for the camera because he knew eventually somebody will be watching — and he is right.

Footage of the incident was shared to Facebook on June 21, where his antics have won widespread approval and appreciation from people used to delivery horror stories.

What video showed

The video showed the food delivery personnel appearing from the corridor walking backwards doing a moonwalk, while holding on to a plastic bag of food.

He then pirouetted and crab-walked to the front gate.

After hanging the food on the front gate, he gave the peephole camera a thumbs up.

Before leaving, he even did at least two Mr Olympia bodybuilding poses.

All these was done with delivery rider’s mask and helmet on.


Responses to the video were mostly to express how amusing and child-like the antics were.

Some commenters said the delivery rider was probably done for the night, or that he had hit his order quota and was eligible for incentives.

Others guessed that he could probably be acquainted with the occupant of the flat and so happened to be delivering food to his friend’s house.