Japan authorities show up to retrieve ‘drowned woman’ from water, turns out to be a sex doll

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Japanese YouTuber Tanaka Natsuki, who is known for her videos on hot springs and fishing, got quite a fright while on a recent fishing trip.

In a Twitter post, she had shared how she was filming for a video when she saw something that looked like a corpse in a nearby body of water.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

Here’s the creepy sight:

(Warning: potentially disturbing image ahead)


According to soranews24, which translated the tweet, someone had “misunderstood” the whole situation and called the authorities.

Police, fire trucks and ambulances showed up at the scene.

A crowd of people were also seen by the water, according to a photo shared by Natsuki.

The incident took place at Hachinohe city, within the Aomori prefecture.


In the end, the ‘drowned woman’ was really just a sex doll, that had apparently been dumped into the waters.

A photo of the doll being hauled up was also shared online:

ご苦労様です👮 pic.twitter.com/YnoVTECX3P

— PowerSportsVoW (@VoW_wheeeeeeeee) June 18, 2021

Soranews24 reported that many netizens agreed how it was easy to mistake it for a corpse, and that it looked really creepy.

One also said that the emergency services personnel probably “felt pretty awkward”, while another who tweeted about the incident called it an “illegal dumping of oversized garbage”.

Top photo via Nachangagaga, VoW_wheeeeeeeee/Twitter.