Indonesian-Chinese TikTokers blend BTS Meal McNuggets, fries & Coke into soft serve ice cream

A pair of Indonesians on social media have taken their consumption of BTS and McDonald’s to the next level by blending the latest BTS Meal from the fast food chain and turning its essence into soft serve ice cream.

A video of the unconventional recipe and the ice cream production was put up by Sisca Kohl @siscakohl on TikTok on June 9, 2021.

The TikTok video has been watched close to 20 million times, and has also been uploaded onto YouTube and Instagram, where they have been watched several more million times in total on those platforms.

The video also featured Aliyyah Kohl @aliyyah.kohl, who is the younger sister of Sisca Kohl.

What video showed: 40 sets of BTS Meal

The video showed the sisters getting their hands on 40 sets of the BTS Meal on the June 9 launch day in Indonesia.

The spread of 400 nuggets with sides of fries and Coke were laid out on a table in a showcase of the duo’s extravagance.

Each BTS Meal in Indonesia comes with 10 pieces of McNuggets, fries and a Coke drink, with cajun and sweet chili dipping sauces.

The sisters then blended the nuggets, fries and Coke, before straining out the solids to retain only the viscous mix, which was added to the ice cream powder mixture.

They then combined the cajun sauce to one batch of the ice cream custard and added purple dye, and the sweet chili sauce to the other batch, which was infused with yellow dye.

The mixtures were then poured into a soft serve machine, which produced the ice cream in individual flavours, as well as a third option that twirled the two flavours together.

The sisters then filmed themselves consuming the ice cream.

The video, naturally, has led to a wide spectrum of reactions from viewers, which range from, “This is the purest form of love” to “Every day we stray further away from god”.

Who is Sisca Kohl?

Precious little is publicly known about Sisca Kohl, other than that she has been listed as being 18, 19 or 20 years old, and attending the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

There are persistent rumours in Indonesia that she is related to the third richest person in Asia, Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, who is the founder of the Tencent.

Her TikTok account was started in 2018 and has mukbang videos of her cooking and eating food.

She also does food reviews, where she is mainly seen eating and nodding in approval.

However, the twist is that as she can easily afford a lot of things, her videos would feature unusual items not found in other people’s households.

These items include a soft serve ice cream dispenser, an entire wooden food cart used by food vendors on the streets, expensive cuts of beef, a convenience stall refrigerator filled with cartons of milk, a gym, and even an iPad that is used as a chopping board for strawberries.

Glimpses of her house, which serve as a backdrop for her videos, reveal a palatial setting full of luxurious furnishings and ample living space.


Indonesia launched the McDonald’s BTS Meal on June 9, 2021, to widespread chaos as demand exploded through the roof.

Food delivery riders had to put their lives on the line during the Covid-19 pandemic to pick up and send the meals to customers.

Cities were also forced to shut down certain McDonald’s outlets to keep the crowd under control.