House Of Seafood Visited By ACRES & SPCA, Receives Advice On Crab Welfare

ACRES & SPCA Visits House Of Seafood After Crab-Walking Publicity Stunt

Recently, House of Seafood (HOS) was thrust into the spotlight after their CEO was seen taking crabs for strolls.

Seafood Restaurant Takes Crabs For Stroll In Punggol Park To Help Them Get Meaty

While many were amused by the unusual activity, others expressed concerns about the animals’ welfare.

On Tuesday (22 Jun), ACRES and SPCA shared they had visited the restaurant and highlighted the need for higher welfare standards when it comes to businesses that deals with live animals.


ACRES & SPCA visit House of Seafood

On Monday (21 Jun), folks from ACRES and SPCA visited HOS and spoke to its owner, Mr Francis Ng, about their recent publicity efforts.


This came after many wrote in with concerns about the crabs’ welfare.

During their discussion, Mr Ng shared that the restaurant only brought the crabs out for a short duration to pose for photos.

Photo courtesy of House Of Seafood.

He also showed them how the crustaceans are kept in the restaurant.

House of Seafood incidents highlight need for standard of conduct

This isn’t the first time that HOS has come under the spotlight over crab welfare concerns.

Back in 2019, the restaurant received backlash after they put up a live crab claw machine. Many claimed that the move was tasteless and cruel towards crabs.

House Of Seafood’s Claw Machine With Living Crabs Is Cruel, Tasteless Marketing & Needs To Be Stopped

After the incident, SPCA allegedly provided the restaurant with detailed guidelines on crab welfare.

ACRES said that such cases highlight the need for a standard code of conduct for individuals and businesses involved in the live food animals trade in Singapore.

Guidelines under review

From storage, handling, and display in food establishments, live animals are put under a lot of stress, says the animal welfare group.


ACRES wrote that “the least that could be done” is to ensure the animals do not undergo more undue stress or discomfort.


Elaborating, they said this is not just for the welfare of the animals but also for food safety.

The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) is reportedly reviewing the current guidelines with ACRES and SPCA.

In a separate Facebook post, SPCA reiterated the need for higher standards in the industry and assured that they will work with stakeholders on the matter.

Marketing stunts ought to be tactful

While it’s understandable for businesses to promote themselves through marketing stunts, they ought to be tactful. That’s especially if live animals are involved.

Hopefully, this incident prompts businesses to realise the gravity of such moves and learn to treat animal with the respect they deserve.

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